Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1310] Her name is Sanite, I think. I don’t know. I have an idea of how I envision her but names are just terrible for me. Native mc, west is her dominus

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I live in the Philippines. Although during the 1900s there are educated Filipinos that are educated and knows the Western world, I love how in the parade you chose our indigenous tribes to say that Philippines is a savage land. It may seem offensive, but the game is on the perspective of a Western vampire who isnt aware of any culture in the Orient.

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what’s the purpose of willpower? How useful is it? Also how is strength different from fighting?

Strength is what it sounds like, how strong you are. Fighting is how trained of a fighter you are. How good you are at combat is calculated via the following formula:

$strength + $agility + ($fighting * 1.5) + 2 (if $shapeshifting = 3) +2 (if you have a weapon) = $combat

Willpower is your ability to control yourself and your impulses. It allows you to do things like keep the vestiges of your humanity in check, or go longer without feeding. A compassionate character with Willpower 3 can even force themselves to only feed from animals.


Yes, I took it, and I threw it in the river."
*set discretion %+20
*set compassion %+10
*set independence %-5

A clarification, please. In this specific example, choosing to throw the doll into the river should, logically, lower you compassion and raise your indepedence.
So, does that mean when the code states that the percentage of a Stat increased, what it actually means is that it decreased due to how the code works?

Compassion and Callousness are the same variable, same with Independence and Communalism. A Compassion “increase” is really increasing Callousness. If $compassion is 35 that means you have 35% Callousness and 65% Compassion

For future reference, all personality stats are named after the right stat in the code, and you should read decreases as increase and vice versa.


How much Compassion does it take to feed from animals if you are turned into a vampire in 1815? I wonder if it might take Intelligence as well to make the leap of logic if no one else told you it was possible.

It’s actually 1815. :wink:

Compassion doesn’t factor into it (I don’t think), nor does intelligence. You need to find out about it from Maffi if you run after her. And then a willpower of 3.


Thank you for the catch, @mistylavenda.
Is that the only opportunity for a fledgling vampire to learn about animal feeding? Also, does Zéphyrine feed on animals?

You have to find out from either trying to hold back at the start, or talking to Maffi. You need 40 > $compassion.

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Unfortunately, yes. If you need to be rescued by your Maker from the croft, then you won’t be able to resist feeding.

Zéphyrine does indeed strive to only feed on animals. The only exception she had made in decades was during “lovemaking” with Silas Hope.


I feel like an intelligent vampire might try feeding from an animal, just to see what it is like. If it fails (in the PC’s mind), there is always their preferred human prey. If their hunger is satiated, they might switch to vegetarianism.

but still without the necessary willpower to drink from an animal, it will still fail

A scientific, compassionate PC without the requisite willpower might also obtain bottles of blood that has been treated with sodium citrate so that it can be transfused.

Now, is sodium citrate a “zesty kick” to the blood, or is it “drain cleaner”?

I think preserved blood will become a thing in Chicago, as the first non-direct blood transfusion was preformed ~1914 iirc.
@jasonstevanhill Any plans for this?

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It is probably far too late to bring something like this up, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have the Maker’s lust for the MC be a one sided thing. (Or perhaps those options are already there and I missed them?)
I was trying to create a Lucita from VTM type of character with Padre Carlos as her Monçada.

Not speaking for Jason, but I figured part of it was due to the addictive nature of the vampire’s bite on a person, and possibly some mind whammy thrown in for good measure.

Which also explains why most times I either destroy my maker in game, or run off into the swamp.

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Is there a way where the election succeeds in Memphis? Or is it really doomed to failure no matter the choice you made?

There is no way to get someone elected. It’s doomed to fail.

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Say does anyone knows how to get admittance of sports club?