Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1310]

Wotton is easier to fight than West. I believe if you are fully optimized for combat, and get the proper advantages you can “solo” him, though I don’t think it is possible to fight completely alone. Regardless Wotton still has centuries on you so it’s a hard fight.


It’s about the choice of refinement, right? I’m very glad it’s a choice now. :blush:


Thanks! I finally got the achievement. :slight_smile: And bless you for letting us choose which skill we can increase in the New Orleans chapter!

DOUBLE yay!!! I so can’t wait for the Jewish background to come.


Character Creation: English first names, French last names?

For an English-speaking MC from the slave background: after manually typing my character’s first name, the next page gives you a list of French surnames to choose from, not the English ones.

This is really minor, but I noticed something about Scotch-Irish MC's establishing their Memphis haven among the Appalachians.

If you settle among the Appalachians in Memphis, it doesn’t say anything if you’re a Scotch-Irish person from Appalachia, unlike MC’s who can “go unnoticed” in Beale or Irish MC’s settling in the Pinch where the next page says “After all, these are your people”. I was wondering if this was intentional? I thought there’d be something like that for Scotch-Irish MC’s. Sorry for the wall of text on such a small thing, just curious.

Not sure if this counts or if I'm just doing things wrong, but I can't create the cult surrounding Hushtahli

How do you create a cult surrounding Hushtahli? You have to have idea_for_cult, but in the exodusters chapter, idea_for_cult is only triggered when you confess to Father Gonsoulin that you are an angel—which means you would have to have met Gonsoulin at Jackson’s party and be Catholic. But to create a cult around Hushtahli, you have to be pagan and Choctaw. I never reunite with Father Gonsoulin as a Choctaw pagan. I’ve tried creating the Hushtahli cult, lowering my superstition and increasing my hubris but it seems like the choice to create a cult is only available if your religious tradition is Catholic? I looked at the code, and idea_for_cult only appears twice: when you claim to be an angel and right before you have the option to create the cult.


  • Is there any way we can pay for Alpheus’ freedom? I can never afford it in any of my plays. The same with investing $5000 in Marigny’s business venture.
  • Do you plan to write more about each background’s life before becoming a vampire? We know a lot more about the Isleño and Rhine-Palatinate German MC’s background, but not so much for others. There’s a lot we don’t know, and I’ve love to learn more. I think it’d work really well for characters who still cling to their humanity or have high anachronism.

So, I’ve mentioned before how playing Choice of Vampires has led me to become quite interested in the history of colonial and antebellum New Orleans. In my free time, I have been reading many books and academic papers exploring life during the Crescent City’s first 150 years. One thing led to another, and I found myself browsing through colonial baptism records that were kept at St. Louis Cathedral and later scanned to be uploaded in online archives.

Apparently I have too much time on my hands, because that inspired me to “replicate” an entry for Zéphyrine’s baptism! Written and signed by the Antonio de Sedella himself! (Renowned Spanish friar who was the leading religious authority of the city at the time)

Everything here is based directly off of real entries written down for the baptisms of free children of color. (They were often penned by Sedella, in fact!) It is in Spanish, but I’ll also provide a translation. Notes will be in brackets. Despite the Francophone populace in colonial Louisiana, Spanish was the administrative language during the colony’s years under Spanish control and was likewise the language Antonio de Sedella wrote in.

Honestly just creating this gave me a well-needed boost of serotonin. I hope y’all find it at least pleasing to look at. :blush:

Freeborn and legitimate-born parda [sic]

Twenty-ninth day of January of this year one thousand seven hundred ninety-five; I, Fr. Antonio de Sedella, Capuchin Friar, Priest of the Tabernacle of the Holy Cathedral of the city of New Orleans, baptized and put the holy oils on a free girl of color who was born on the twenty-sixth day of this month, legitimate daughter of Gerónimo [Jérôme] Chaigneau, free quadroon [sic], and of Apolonia [Apolline] Laferrière, free mulatta [sic]; I have exercised the sacred ceremonies and prayers for this girl who received the name CEFERINA [Zéphyrine] CHAIGNEAU; her godparents are Mr. Pedro Augusto [Pierre-Auguste] Robiquet, and her maternal grandmother Celestina [Céleste], a free black woman, who will serve as her spiritual parents. Confirmed by #

Fr. Antonio de Sedella

Click here for the original Spanish

Parda libre y legitima

Día veinte y nueve de Enero este año de mil setecientos noventa y cinco; Yo Fr. Antonio de Sedella, Religioso Capuchino, Cura del Sagrario de la Santa Yglesia Cathedral de la ciudad del Nuevo Orleans, bautice y puse los santos oleos a una niña de color libre que nacio el dia veinte y seis de este presente mes, hija legitima de Gerónimo Chaigneau, cuarterón libre, y de Apolonia Laferrière, mulata libre; en la qual niña exerci las Sacras Ceremonias y preces, y la puse por nombre CEFERINA CHAIGNEAU; fueron sus padrinos Don Pedro Augusto Robiquet, y su abuela maternal Celestina, negra libre, a quienes adverti el parentesco espirituel; y para que conste, lo firme #

Fr. Antonio de Sedella


That’s pretty dang cool… thanks for sharing!


Why is the southern belle/barrister background never available as an embrace of affection?


IIRC you can also trigger $idea_for_cult either by having a dominus who “believes that he is a god,” and there’s an #option when engaging with Padre Segura in St. Charles parish.

Please keep this observations coming! These are super-helpful!

You might be right that it’s not currently possible. I actually researched the price of slaves, which is how Alpheus’s price is set, but the rest of the money isn’t calculated in the same way. I’ll think on how to cut that knot.

Part of the issue there is that those in particular are “timeless,” meaning, whether the PC has been a vampire for ten-ish years (as I imagine) when the game starts, or if they become one then and there, the family story doesn’t change. But a lot of the other stories would change if the PC has been a vampire for a hot minute.


I always read the game as opening on our turning. Was that not the intention?

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No, I imagined that if you were a vampire at that opening choice, then you’d been a vampire for at least a few years.

But until/unless I develop that more fully, read it how you want to read it. :slight_smile:

Ok! I always just thought that if we had been a vampire for a few years, they would have already explained concepts like the three rules or blood spittle. Guess our dominus was just a bit lazy lol.


At risk of asking a really stupid question or one that’s already been asked/answered, what is blood flow? What’s the impact of a high or low blood flow? I’ve had a few different thoughts of it in my head and I’m just curious as to the actual meaning of it

Blood flow is how easy it is for your character to feed. The higher the easier.

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What’s funny about this is that I intend to (eventually) write a subplot for priests in New Orleans about the conflict between Sedella and Dubourg.

You might have noticed the “Church plot” on the New Orleans TODOs.


We see an echo of that in St. Charles no?

Zéphyrine thought Sainte-Chappelle was a total weirdo both because of his predatory disposition and the fact that he still dressed like it was 1789.

Still, she knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth. To be his ménagère (household manager for the Louisiana wealthy, oftentimes a free woman of color) was a lucrative position. She would rough it out for a few years until better opportunities came by.

And then her employer dragged her to watch the Battle of New Orleans, and all her plans got f*cked up. :upside_down_face:

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Is the ability to modify the PC’s stats in New Orleans (after Alpheus arrives) locked behind a particular background? Because I don’t see it yet.

It’s right after Alpheus.

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The Ursuline Convent was rather renowned and educated girls of all backgrounds well into the 1820s. However, I don’t believe there were ever more than 30 nuns in the city around this time period. (There were 27 Ursulines residing in New Orleans on the eve of the Louisiana Purchase. 16 of these nuns feared Prostestant persecution and fled to Cuba, although some later returned).

Of course, perhaps the same could be said of the small number of priests? I haven’t looked into it, but I can’t imagine the city would have needed any more than a dozen or two.

Then again, I’m also not -entirely- familiar with Catholic congregations so this estimate could be completely off.


IIRC, we aren’t from the city, but rather a small parish outside of it.

It depends on your background.

Male German = Central PA
Female German = St. Charles parish
Spanish = New Iberia

The others are more indisctinct:
French = south-central Louisiana
FPOC = New Orleans proper
Slave/French = south-central Louisiana
Slave/English = maybe northern Louisiana? Mississippi? Even Georgia?
Southern = Georgia
Yankee = Long Island, maybe? Connecticutt? I think I was starting to narrow this down recently.
Irish = Ireland
Scotch = North Carolina? Western Virginia?
Choctaw = south-western Mississippi