Choice of the Petal Throne -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED

This game placed third in IntroComp way back in 2011. It takes place in the world of Tékumel, so there is a lore learning curve.

Email me for access.

There is a form for feedback. Once you’ve played the game, go here to fill it out.

If you use the BUG function in the game to report a continuity error, make sure to SAY WHO YOU ARE in the body of the email; otherwise, you won’t get credit for the report.

Remember, we’re looking for constructive feedback and criticism. Tell us what works for you and what doesn’t work. If you say, “I enjoyed playing the game and didn’t find any errors,” that’s of no value. We have autotests to tell us that the game doesn’t crash. We want you to tell us what you don’t like about the game…what can be improved, changed, added, etc.


I sent the email !!!

Sorry sir, where can I find your email address?

Anyone know where one can find more info on this game? I don’t want to commit to trying to test a game if it looks like it won’t be my type of thing.

From what I recall it’s a fantasy game, it’s well written, and there was some romance going on. The setting is rich but not created by the author of the game, it’s just used with permission.

Anything more google is your friend. :slight_smile: Choice of the Petal Throne - IFWiki

Hi everyone,

I’m Danielle and I am the author of the game.
I would appreciate it if any beta testers use this Google Survey instead of emailing me with feedback (though that is fine too). It does contain spoilers, so do not view it until after playing through.

The survey has some check boxes to ascertain how key events went on your playthrough(s) so we can compare the randomtest to how thinking people choose, and then fields for more general feedback.

@Shoelip, the game is set in the fantasy world of Tekumel ( and you play a soldier during a civil war. The world draws strongly on both Indian and Mesoamerican cultures, so is a little different then your standard fantasy setting, but the game was designed to require no previous knowledge.


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Email sent wait is on

@Daniellesque That survey looks like it’s filled with spoilers. It might be better if people go to the survey only after their first play through?

I just sent the email for this beta access

Thanks @FairyGodfeather. I meant to mention that. Teach me to post late at night. Definitely just do the survey after you’re done playing.


I have sent the email!!

I’ve send you an e-mail.

Paging “Zelretch.” Would Zelretch please pick up the white courtesy phone?

also, whoever is using the BUG function but not putting their name in the body of the email, please drop me a line!

New draft up!

New draft up!

exuse me, but I cant seem to find your email address either :confused:

I would like participate

I can’t quite find the e-mail address, and would like to participate in playing the game. So it’d be nice if I can help beta-test it.

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Finding Jason’s email address is the test you must complete before managing to enter the beta-test. :slight_smile: I’d suggest typing in jason email to the forum search function and it’ll pop up there. :slight_smile: I’m sure he has his reasons for not including it on the post.

While normally I’d post it myself, stealing away all the fun of hunting it down yourself, I’m not sure if he’s still looking for testers or not.

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