Choice of the Alien, Choice of the Ninja, Choice of the Villain ,The Fleet

jasonstevanhill mentioned these games a few months back but they haven’t been mentioned since, does anybody know what there about or when they come out (approximately)?

Choice of aliens sounds cool

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Maybe they’ve been discontinued? c: Or maybe they’re ideas for future games?
He wouldn’t have so many games going on all at once, would he?

Could be a numerous amout of things, contract difficulties, getting the apps approved, ect. Jason seems to be the type to give people a fair heads up.

Alien was renamed to Star Captain, releasing next month. Archaeologist, renamed Journey to the Cloud City, will be released in October. The Fleet will be released in November. Ninja and Villain are still in development. Dystopian Tacos will be sometime early next year.

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Nice, the Star Captain and Archaeologist games sound very interesting. Is Villian sort of the opposite to Heroes Rise, where you play a Super Villain? Or is it more of a James Bond Villain kinda thing?

Not sure. I haven’t played it.

I’d like a james bond feel… sweet these games sound fun!

I hope it’s not too spoilery to say that having playtested Star Captain, it’s a strong contender for my favorite CoG so far. :slight_smile:

Are there any espionage type games on CoG or hosted games? Like 007 super spy stuff, not like Johnny English lol not really an agent spy. Lol. I’m just askin.

@maddi I havnt seen any. hence “I’d like a james bond feel”

Star Captain is currently slated for a 9/25 release.

@jasonstevanhill is that the next game or is there another scheduled before that

That’s the next game. Right now we’re trying to release one a month. Which, though it may not seem like it, is a punishing schedule.

@jasonstevanhill you guys work fast. So I gotta say thanks. ~O)

Is the fleet the second game of cob

No, it’s not, I’m afraid …

Choice of a villain sounds interesting

Ah yes a very interesting title name

Since I suspect this thread will be locked, I’m sneaking this in. I wish there was a Choice of the Alien, because the title makes me think it would be a lot of this tomfoolery.