Choice of Robots -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED


So they haven’t said anything here, but I’ve noticed a LOT of changes recently. They are all really good, and the game is definitely going in the right(er) direction!


Ok so i tested the demo aaand… Its amazing… I have nothing more to say other than how amazing this game is. This game won Evans approval seal.


There’s a new version up; if you have beta access, please give it another playthrough.


Just emailed you, hope I can help.


Just sent email. Hope I get accepted!


I gotta say, i’m really impressed with the breadth of choices, and the many ways you can effect and change the world. Play-thoughs can be very different from each other.


There’s a new version up with a number of (small) new features.


Hey, author of Choice of Robots here. Thanks for the positive comments! If you happen to live in the Boston area, I’ll be at the Boston Festival of Indie Games on Saturday, at the Choice of Games table. A Choice of Robots demo will be on hand. Even if you’ve played it – especially if you’ve played it! – stop by and say hello.


I sent a request for the link a week ago and I haven’t got any reply.

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