Choice of Robots -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED


You should send feedback directly to the author (kevin DOT gold AT gmail), cc Adam (adam AT choiceofgames), and cc me.


So just so we’re clear. We email you for access right?



Sorry Jason, but who’s Adam ?


One of the big guys at CoG. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just emailed you. Can’t wait. I have already completed all but 1 of the Choice of games. They are amazing, and I know this one will be.


Tried sending feedback to author but it gave me an error. Just in case the email is kevin . gold @ gmail correct?


New version up.


Never mind I’m a dumbass didnt notice the typo in gmail… lol


I just finished Choice of Robots.
All I can say is, I am very, very astonished at the amazing storyline.
It was so lengthy, but in the best way possible!
Bravo CoG! Bravo!
Amazing. I loved it, and it took me days to complete.
Great job. I just adored it.


@Adobe We beta testers can’t talk about game publicly until it is released. Your feedback, positive or not has to be sent to the author in the direction Jason posted early ,lol NOT IN THE FORUM.


@poison_mara Yeah, I noticed. Sorry. :frowning:
That’s why I didn’t talk about the storyline directly.
I emailed the author just now.


It’s fine to gush about it. Just don’t discuss plot, characters, etc.


Since I can gush, I will. This game deserves any praise it receives. It’s that GOOD.


I’ll reveal a deep dark secret about the game!

It’s got robots in it.

Jokes aside, yeah, this game is definitely a good one. As well as being one of the nerdiest games I’ve ever seen. The author really knows his stuff and it shows.


Gushing: This is the BEST CoG game I’ve played. And yeah, it’s got tons of nerd references that you won’t even get to read on your first few playthroughs, because the game has that much replayability to offer!


Wow, I’m excited for this just from reading vague reviews. :smiley:


@Samuel_H_Young SERIOUSLY IT"S THE BEST ONE; not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. A lot of the games are good! I haven’t played that many of the recent ones (I’ve played Heroes Rise, Zombie Exodus, and Planetary Quarantine lately) but this one blasts those I have played all away.


Yay. :slight_smile:


Sent my name. Hope i’l have an answer :smiley: