Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Forgive me if you have already answered that, but does that mean we will enter in conflict with other rebellions? And will we be able to crush them to assure only we are in the spotlight?


I’ve probably been overly influenced by all the forum conversation around the Diadoch. I presume one of the criteria to be heir-apparent to the Thaumatarch is to be a powerful theurge. If they even are a wastrel, as some of us presume, they have at least turned in their theurgy homework. Although if they haven’t it may be a source of an other legitimacy crisis for the current regime.

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I just assume that the Thaumatarch never leaves Aekos, and thus can be an immortal alien monster.

Hm, that makes me wonder if elder Third Kyklos Theurges who didn’t make Ennearch but have the resources to outpace aging have formed their own clique of archmagi in Karagond. I mean, immortality can’t be more expensive than a Plektos…right?

Havenstone mentioned way above that the Diadoch has an interest in agricultural theurgy.


Also, tons of rulers and their heirs have their… vices. It’s more, when they have a pile of work dumped on their desk, have to strap on a set of armour, or get a political appointment do they do their job.

Nothing wrong with working very hard and then going nuts when you’re off duty.


I think they are actually powerful and probably very talented, but being both very talented and continually being told you’re very talented can sometimes be bad for work ethic.
As for their sexual proclivities that reminds me of Cassius in Cata’s game, of course Takara has no chastity ethos among the elves, but then the Diadoch like all high ranking nobles is free to ignore that part of the canon at will.

I suppose you can also live a very long time by doing repeat rejuvenation procedures. In an imperfect analogy if what the most powerful Hegemony theurges currently do is akin continually resetting the clock then that wouldn’t be a permanent change. On the other hand doing what my own mc potentially wants and outright freezing the aging process at the gently greying temples stage would probably count as a permanent change.
However removing the whip scars on his back, if done correctly by temporarily enhancing the healing telos of the skin beyond the normal, human maximum probably isn’t a permanent change, as the enhanced healing factor is temporary and it doesn’t protect against additional, war scars in the future either.

I’d be obliged if you want to link it, gives me something to read when I have a Brussels commute again, one of these days.

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So for fun, I made a little cheat sheet of the Imperial Dynasties of China. It’s a long text blog so I’ll tack it on if you wanna read through it. But, most of them all collapse the same way.

The first few Emperors are very dutiful, conscientious, and hands on. They work to control all the various levers of power, the military, the bureaucracy, and their own extended family. The first Emperor especially, most of them won it in a revolution of some sort. Then they had to fight to keep it. Their heir often had to face some form of challenge to their rule. Opportunistic nobles testing the strength of the Imperial Clan, a brother or cousin who refused to acknowledge their place, or maybe the normal famine.

The years roll on, things stabilize, remain steady. However, problems begin to arise: an Emperor dies suddenly, their young impressionable son succeeds him. One faction or another begins to take control, military officials revolt and are unable to be put down, and other small crisis begin to add up, enough times that they get written off as normal issues.

Soon, those small, relatively insignificant problems build up and explode into a very large problem. The bureaucracy got used to running on auto-pilot so when multiple famines hit, they are not prepared to handle it. The Army officers were underreporting the size of their formations and pocketing money so when rebellion or invaders hit, they were chronically short staffed. These little issues all suddenly take on a greater significance. Sometimes, the dynasty gets lucky and they have a very talented Emperor or Corrupt but talented Chancellor in charge and the inevitable is delayed.

This happens only a few times though. For every Marcus Aurelius, you get a Commodus.

This is what happened to the Hegemony. These “normal” insurrections, these normal “overzealous” Alastors, these normal “predatory” nobles became normalized. The problems that arose from it were always managed. So, they grew lax on most levels of the government. They didn’t see that they reached a culmination point and the ones who realized it were promptly disposed of or ignored for spreading rumours and lies.

The status-quo worked and even though there were hiccups, they were more or less managed sufficiently to prevent the big sad. Now, the big sad is coming and the Hegemony is caught flat-footed and I don’t think the old Thautmarch and his ministers are at all prepared for the consequences.

The correct response would have been for a Karagond official to arrive in Grand Shayard and ride the Provincial Government’s ass into raising a massive fuck-off large army and smashing us into the ground. Regardless of overkill or not, the show of force and energetic response would have dissuaded more problems.

But, it didn’t happen, this was just a normal-bog standard petty revolt. Nothing at all to worry about.


blob* I meant to say blob. I’ll give you a PM. It’s a bulletpoint list essentially.


I’ve shared a bit about this upthread. The many other rebel factions can end up being your “allies, rivals, sworn enemies, buffers, etc.” Not all of them will be your allies; so yes, some measure of conflict is unavoidable. And you will certainly be able to try to crush them and establish yourself as the sole center of power.

@cascat07, the Diadoch has genuine Theurgic chops, and definitely isn’t a wastrel, notwithstanding the slut-shaming reaction to some of what I’ve shared about them. :slight_smile:

@Ramidel, the Thaumatarch is at this point something of an immortal alien monster, yes. The Ennearchs and Third Kyklos archmagi, less so.


People, I’m trying to create a batman build for the game, what type of stats and traits would suit Bruce Wayne in a Choice of Rebels?

Intellect 2, Combat 1, Noble born, do not kill anyone.



Batman is known as the world’s best detective, so Intellect 2.
Batman knows a lot of martial arts and is know as a good fighter, so Combat 2.
Batman is rich so it’s better to be an aristocrat than a helot.
Batman doesn’t kill, while he can use violence, he doesn’t use lethal force.


Is there any cheat to have intellect 2 and combat 2?

Only if you mod your game. If you want to do it, there is a topic specifically for modding. You can search for it.

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Can you link the thread, I searched choice of rebels modding and no results came up. Nah, it’s fine I’ve found it.

He’s also charismatic as his Bruce Wayne persona so Charisma 2 as well. So pretty much God mod is the Batman playthrough.

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I fear that other rebellions that are not lead by us, are prone to devolve to the same tyranny the current government exerts. I was reading 1984, and this quote caught my attention:

This is why I asked about crushing other rebellions and assume the spotlight. My MC believes that destroying the Hegemony, instead of just changing the leadership, with me as leader of course, would just expose the lands to military campaigns from Halassurq and the Abhumans. Better reform what we already have and stay united, than to roll the dice on the fates of millions.

Other rebellions, specially ones with uncultured and brutish leaders (Radmar is one I always kill, and Kalt/Karla are too vicious and volatile), or nationalistic rebellions (The Leilatou cousin and the Lacconiers) will destroy the Hegemony and leave the land to become a free for all for other hostile empires.

My MC plan is:

  1. Crush any rebel opposition, no alliances, no compromises, no friendship. The way forward is a reformed hegemony (I always choose the reverse sigil to show that I want to change, not destroy), with me as leader, keeping the structure and bureaucracy of the government intact, but replacing with loyal and competent administrators, preferably nobles to ease the transition and diminish animosity.

  2. Use the church to legitimize my rule as Eclect. The common people are, I think, deeply religious, so I won’t even bother to be the one atheist snowflake. I mind my business, they mind theirs.

  3. End Harrowing. There must be some way to protect the borders without bleeding the commons, maybe a compromise and de-escalation with the Halassurq Emperor. Who knows, maybe he has a spare sister or cousin. We could even become friends and gang up on the Abhumans.

  4. Banning slavery outright is, in my MC’s view, impossible. I believe I would follow a more slow and gradual path. First, you ban the sale of any new slaves. Second, you guarantee the liberty of slaves older than 60. Third, you guaranteed that any son of a slave will now be a free man, and not property right after birth. Then after a set amount of years and the low number of slaves, you finally ban it.
    My country, Brazil, did these steps with success, one step at a time. The downside is that you would have to create those laws with a space of time between then, to ease the transition of society.

  5. Secure my place and slowly, over generations, weaken the nobility to become confined to their states, without being landowners and having armies. An empire that depends on vassals to raise troops and lend their support is weak. Authority must be centralised in the capital, and a standing army must be created that doesn’t rely on anyone but the state. The administration of the provinces and bureaucracy in general should be handled by lawmakers and bureaucrats, subordinated to the state, loyal to the state and dependent on the state. Intrigue and backstabbing interfering in the government should be a non issue. Let the nobles feast and eat as they may, without slaves however, and most certainly away from the government.

Sorry for the text wall, what do you think guys, it’s a great plan, right?


How are you planning to live for generations without Harrowing?

Harrowing is not an option for my MC, not even to extend his life. The multi generation effort would be by his successors. The adoption method used by the Romans and the Thaumatarch of choosing/adopting a heir is good enough and will prevent conflict if the sucessor is clear.

My MC would also enact a law to prevent a Thaumatarch from appointing a member of his family. Can you imagine if a Leilatou/Pelematou leader appointed a member of the family as successor to the throne? The infighting and intrigue would rival the Ottoman /Chinese succession and would cause massive problems down the line.

Better to just groom a number of promising children to rule from infancy, and when the time is right, choose the better one among them.

Hopefully that law will survive your death. Right, Antoninus Pius?

I think you have only your own lifetime to keep your plot on rails. So for eliminating slavery, I’d suggest ripping off the band-aid and turning helots into free laborers. Besides, without Harrowing, the current model (and population) of helotry are unsustainable anyway.


Maybe creating a institution to check the Thaumatarch’s powers? Some kind of Senate perhaps?

As for the slaves, i want the transition to be as smooth as possible. I fear banning slavery outright would just create chaos and anarchy and weaken our new regime. Some of the traditional nobles probably are sympathetic about ending Harrowing, but flipping the “fabric of society” of their world on it’s head, I think it would be a sure way to be “Epsteined”.

I think a slow, but methodical approach is better. Weaken the case for slavery little by little, until banning it would not be all that controversial. In the meantime of the laws I proposed, maybe create a new law giving slaves rights like in the Roman Empire, and giving them the chance to buy their freedom, until my proposals are in place, a band-aid.

Also, in a period of time in the Empire, it was so popular to show your benevolence as a patrician, that thousands of slaves were freed just for show. Enough that the Emperor had to limit the number of slaves freed in a day. Maybe that could also happen in the Hegemony.