Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


By the way, I wanted to let you know that Rebels is responsible for keeping me up all night and making me get zero hours of the sleep the other day before work. :stuck_out_tongue: I have to say that this is hands down the most enjoyable CoG I have read yet, and that’s saying something.

Out of curiosity, what is the word count at the moment?


Alright, I’m starting to change my mind on this whole coffee business.

By, the way Havie, are there plays in the larger towns of the Hegemony? Are they like Ancient Greek plays? Because I might have found something I can help with :slight_smile:

In fact, maybe the MC could make concessions to a group of artists or convince them and have them make a play about the decadence of the old and the need to move on with the new. It’s not uncommon to have plays spousing political views, that’s a bit of what The Bacchantes is.


Yes, yes, and along with printed propaganda, this will be one of the ways you can choose to spend your time as a nonviolent rebel in Grand Shayard next game. :slight_smile: (Or as one less violent part of your overall rebel portfolio, if that’s how you roll.)

@Samuel_H_Young, I’ll run an updated word count as soon as I’m back at my personal laptop this evening.


So we will see Grand Shayard in part in the next game? Interesting. (I admit, I figured it was mostly focusing on surviving the Xaos-lands.)

Hmm, and now it makes me wonder if there are anything like mystery cults which survived the occupation. Obvioulsy, the Shayarden version of Xthonos would count, and the Wiends have their Forgotten Gods…


Well I think the interesting part will quickly fade away for those of us who play helots, since I assume we’ll mostly be experiencing the squalid slums that will probably make our rural helot camps and huts without doors seem like the lap of luxury. :wink:


Possibly…though if one remembers a noble MC’s taunt to Hector about the house servants, drudges, etc…I could see our MC scouting potential entry ways/etc…kill enough nobles in their sleep…yes they will retaliate by striking at helots, but this would be a good way to rouse the much more numerous lower class against them.

shrugs Although I do expect them to use the old Roman style logic of punishing whole families if a noble/etc. was assaulted.


Yeah, squalid slums it is, my mc is really not one for even pretending to pose as a meek “house drudge”. :wink:
He’d probably be most comfortable, literally in a middle class dwelling, provided they’ve even got any, since in a palace or mansion he’d be utterly disgusted by the all the revolting decadence instead.


Oh, nice. Thanks for answering.

And back to the Brecks!


I’m terribly sorry. :slight_smile: And thanks for the kind words.

Word count–not including my “death,” “ending,” or “savescene” files, but including choicescript_stats and startup–is now up to 615,000 words.


Wow, that’s amazing. Well it definitely shows! I hope to have the patience to write my future titles in massive lengths like that. (I have 3 titles and altogether they’re 320k.)


Can someone remind me how in the world we’re able to learn magic? I did it once in a previous play through, but I have no idea how I did it (can both nobles and helots learn it? I forget which I was playing).


You need 2 Int to do that, both Helots and Nobles can do it.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you would call this a bug, but it might be something to take a peek at. If Breden was your second in command, and then you kill her late in the game…and if you healed Elery from the poisoning, you get this:

Her voice is feeble, but she manages to rasp, “No, hiera.” Grief and fury is stark in her eyes. “Breden was just killed, and you…?” She doubles over again, retching. "Damn you all."
I choose Elery.
I choose de Firiac.

Anyways, the bug is that the choice for Choose Elery stays up there…you might wish to blank it out, or remove it after she said her piece.

Also, definitely have a bug:
If Breden is second in command…and after the poisoning, you can choose to have her bound up/put in another cave.

What is bad is just a couple seconds later, Breden says “Get some sleep MC”


Why kill Breden? :sob:


Normally, I don’t do such things unless I’m on an achievement hunt…or, as is the case here, trying various paths, and response for possible bugs, spelling errors, etc.

In this particular case, it seemed odd enough and I don’t think anyone else reported it…so I did.

That is also why I put up a possible thing…where, if you face the Phalangites, Breden refuses to marry you since she expects everyone to die.

However, if you win? Perhaps, during the celebration the following two nights…that could be a great time to propose again.


Sooooo out of curiosity, since you have played various paths, do you know why Breden doesn’t want kids? Made me really sad when she said that, especially since I started a rebellion for her and all :disappointed:


She actually explains it…there is an option about “Why?”. Basically, once helots reach adulthood, the primary way to stay away from the Harrower is to provide kid after kid.

Breden is furious that all her life she was told the only reason she mattered was to provide children…and there is also the realization that your kids would eventually be food for the Harrower.

So, she wants to show all and sundry that she isn’t defined by the need/desire to have children. But yeah, the no children thing…pretty much ended most relationships with my MC (even adopted)


Yeah I stayed away from the “why” since I didn’t want her to get all mad and have to redo everything all over again :disappointed: Seems like by using that reason to specifically not have kids she’s letting them win anyway, they are still controlling her actions. Then she got me to leave my comfy life as a minor noble to live out in the filthy woods just to win her heart so I should go tossing stones :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“Lizzy, post:7839, topic:1601”]
Seems like by using that reason to specifically not have kids she’s letting them win anyway, they are still controlling her actions. [/quote]

I know that dichotomy is really bad, especially when it happens in real life. The only way to ‘win’ is to make the choice because that is what you want, not based on what others expected of you.

grins Although, I don’t really consider the minor noble as having a very comfy life. Compared to a helot? Certainly. Compared to a yeoman/merchant? Some of them probably live better…