Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


Has anyone figured out a way to beat the Phalangite Force with a high combat character who created a riot at the Harrowing? I’m like 90% sure it’s impossible but I thought I check


I think I managed it once, but any build I suggest will be outdated as soon as Havenstone puts up the last public alpha version.

Some of the tips I mentioned above for an Int 2 character. First, make as many people put down traps to the various campsites (up to 50 of them). A Com 2 character actually seems to have double effectiveness over an Int 2 /Per 2 character. I can often get around 400+ foes killed if I manage things right with traps alone.

Second be religious, let Linos declare you Eclect. This will net you some bonus people.

Third, go Cosmopolitan for the bonus people, and those who fought with Phalangites before. Being Nationalistic will also garner you people, but at the moment they don’t seem to give any bonus to you.

Go to the Brecks, taking Breden along with you. If they fight alongside you, a gang will join you.


What is the option to go to the brecks? I’ve never seen that one @Lys


When Hector starts raiding your band (after Linos/Horion’s encounter). You have an option to plan attack at them…or hit their wealth (the second option).

Choose this second option. If you are Int 2 or Com 2, you will need Breden’s Charisma to get them on their side, though a Cha 2 emcee can take care of it themselves


Ohhh gotcha I remember that now thanks @Lys


Yep. You won’t get the Brecks gang joining you until after you decide what to do with the Phalangites.


Hey, everyone, is there any way to capture the Architelone with COM 2? I don’t think I’ve ever tried that.

Oh, good, I’ve been pronouncing it right.


LOL…I use MC as a short term for Main Character. Other times, I might use PC as Player Character…though MC has its uses…as you point out, emcee (a host).

Yep. The biggest key to getting the Architelone is to have someone with at least Int 1…so you can do it with Com 2, Int 1. (Com 2, Charisma 1 won’t do it)

If a noble, you should be able to get your cousin’s help (Ismene) to know the time.

Pretending to be a noble won’t work, whether noble or Helot MC. I don’t think it is possible with a helot (Pretending to be a noble, etc. requires a combination of Int and Cha, I think).

Or, you can force the Telone to work with you. This works for both Helot and Noble MC. You need to bring Elery with you, then attack them with silence. From there, it should proceed as normal.


And I was using a helot with high combat and low intellect… thanks.


Thanks. If I’m off, let me know and I will do another quick playthrough. I know I was able to get it to work. I’ve played the game enough times, though, I may misremember something.


I want the ROs to be a combination of playersexual (like Breden, and to a degree Suzane/Kala) and set gender/preference. Calea’s attraction to helots is one of the most interesting things about her, and I also decided she’d be straight rather than bi like her brother. Other set-preference romances rolled out from next game (e.g. Elery, Cerlota Viore, Aireq of Halassur) will fit on various points of the LGBT spectrum. Ultimately everyone should have some choices, though because this isn’t a dating game i can’t guarantee that everyone will have a character they like.

The Tragic Romance of Hector Keriatou is only available to aristos, but I’d be careful assuming he’s an RO in any consummatory sense of the word.

Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints

That’s certainly fair. For a more realistic game (well, relationship wise) this is how it should be.

And on a more practical side, it also means that at least some people will replay the game to see how other romances will develop, well in the sequels anyways.

She is going to be really pissed that I drove Zvad away, isn’t she :wink:


Well, that’s a just explanation.

But, wait, are we gonna get ROs from Halassur? Now that oughts to be interesting.

In one of my games, Zvad died protecting the Band from Hector’s veneurs and I tried to make Elery my new deputy. It didn’t end well.


But on the bright side, it’s what brings you Choice of Rebels. :slight_smile: Hours and hours of late night writing sessions wouldn’t have happened without it.


I’ve read through your demo for like the third time and as always, I’m extremely impressed. The lore is extensive, the characters and plot are great, and the writing is very good. Here are some typos I found:

“A friendly old Diakon-priest taught you your alphabeta as a boy so you could read a simple prayer-book.” (alphabeta)

“Carrying back 7 bushels will require a convoy of 1 pack animals and 4 outlaws.” (one pack animals)


Thanks, Sam! “Alphabeta” is a deliberate Greek-ism. For everyone’s benefit, here’s the copyediting guide I’ve written for CoG’s proofreader:

  • Depending on their national origin and degree of cosmopolitanism, characters may refer to the other provinces using the Shayardene version of their names (Errets, Nereal, Whendery) and people (Erretsins, Neres, Whends) rather than the names they give themselves (Erezza, Nyryal, Wiendrj; Erreziano, Nyr, Wiend)
  • Personal pronouns (“They/Their,” “It/Its”) are capitalized for Angels, Xthonos, and occasionally though not consistently by helots when referring to nobles and other powerful people as a collective “Them.”
  • All Shayardene noble surnames either begin with the particle “de” or end in the Karagond “-atou.” The “de” is retained in all usage, not only following a first name or title. It is capitalized when (and only when) it begins a sentence.
  • The titles milady/milord and their Koine near-equivalents like kurios/kuria and hieros/hiera are never capitalized unless they begin a sentence.
  • Norther, Souther, Easter, and Wester are archaic Shayardene spellings for the cardinal directions, used occasionally in geographic references.
  • A ten-drachem coin is a decadrachm, not a decadrachem.
  • An archonty is a province of the Hegemony, and conty (not county) is the Shayardene term for it. Neither should be capitalized. The Archonate refers to the office of Archon, not the geographic area over which an Archon presides, and “Archonate” is capitalized.
  • “alphabeta” is the alphabet, “imprest” books are printed.
  • This is a world of male “chaperons” and female “chaperones” (as it’s one in which the chastity of both male and female youth is prized and all orientations are recognized)
  • Other nouns always capitalized: Theurge, Goete, Koine, Hegemony, Hegemonic
  • Not capitalized unless beginning a sentence: techne, koinon, kenon, telos, architectoi, omphalos. I’ve tried to italicize these Karagond words the first time they’re introduced but not thereafter.


Let her be pissed, she’s a damn ingrate.


I have a feeling whoever is tapped to copy edit your work is going to be getting some free money…


With @jasonstevanhill already having gone through it with a fine tooth comb? Possibly. But Jason found plenty to fix. :slight_smile:


Okay these sorts of things, (even though Cata and Bartlett both rightly mock them) would likely be very serious business to the faithful of Xthonos who are not helots themselves and coincidentally one of the chief reasons why my mc is so very wary of even the Shayardene Codex. While most modern Christian faithful don’t take things like exodus 21:7 literally anymore, I doubt the same would apply to the non-helot faithful of Xthonos and the Xthonic church unless special care is taken to dispose of the caste system root and branch, otherwise there will simply still be too many powerful people who remain far too deeply invested in slavery as an institution for them to ever conclude it would be morally wrong in any way.