Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


Don’t bother putting one together just yet, anybody. There’s some major game balancing work about to happen – just as soon as I’ve whacked the last identifiable bugs in the code.

I think we will have one last alpha update sometime in the coming week, and then we’ll go to beta.


Yeah, but I hope that doesn’t get nerfed, you need to do everything you possibly can to get mules, well unless you’re Mara and go into to the dungeons and let most of your would-be followers get killed first, I suppose. Those mules are the bottleneck and the key to surviving the winter is maximizing them early on.

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I have more mules than people. And I haven’t to buy anything really. No people and two charisma are the best. I mean I even demoralized to much phalangites that they let me go away. And I killed a mutant hunt with my Lacoste spears. No breden so no poisoning no sabotage. And everyone was happy. My only problem is Zapdos died due a glitch. I mean my revolution is a lame one. With no violence against anything and only 70 people . But is the revolution I want a pro noble nationalist pro monarch Free Shayard but due religious and peaceful revolution changing morality. Evil Gandhi acting like Budha.

For me is fascinating. More than the typical routes everyone else follows that are more important than mine.

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A Pletkos would be striking, surely. But it’s the thing that only one MC gets, and I think the monster would be pretty hard to draw. “Big-wolf-blood-beast-thing” and all. Those are just my two cents.

And, yeah, I’m back to the thread, luckily in time for the last update.


I would love The harrowing scene as a portrait A mc standing up front chirex.Even if I don’t role olay that scenario that’s what most of players would see.

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Beating the Phalangites is tough. Once @Havenstone does the last public build, I will try to throw together a guide which will help in that regard, assuming someone else doesn’t beat me to it. However, just a few observations from my own playthrough…and yes, some of it is min-maxing.

  1. Try not to piss off too many people. You will not get through the winter without making some kind of enemies, but if you irritate the yeoman, the helots, the Ecclesiasts, and the merchants they will send ton of additional forces. I remember one game where it was around 900+ forces I faced…not exactly great odds to do so.

  2. If playing as a Theurge, go for a hidden one. If you are publically known to have magic, that tacks on another 3 Theurges or so.

  3. Try to use as many people as you can to booby trap your various camp sites. You can get up to 50 each go. If you do it right, you can easily pick off around 200 people (Or more) when the Phalangites invades. Done right, this will knock off about 25% of the invading force.

  4. Buy weapons. This goes without saying, but without iron weapons, your people are just asking to be slaughtered.

  5. Recruiting people. Yes, this may end up giving Breden more power than you wish, but if you retain majority control in the winter, it isn’t a big deal.

  6. Keep Zvad in game. He normally leaves, but if you are chosen as ‘Eclect’, you can convince him to stay by appealing through religion. However, this only works with a Charismatic MC.

  7. Either go full cosmopolitan, or full nationalistic. You will get some accomplished fighters (though they have their own agenda). Of the two, I think the Wiend recruits from being cosmopolitan are probably better; there doesn’t seem to be a choice to let Bethune (Nationalistic) lead a sub-group.

  8. Getting declared Eclect will also net you some additional followers/weapons. Yes, you will get some as well with going Skeptic, but that may also make the Ecclesiasts more pissed (which stands to reason).

  9. Going to the Brecks. If you can convince the Brecks to help you in gutting the sheep, you will get an additional gang of fighters as well. However, this will probably have the consequence of hitting your reputation with other factions.

  10. Having Sybla train your fighters helps, though to what extent I’m unsure. Usually I get as many arms, then have her train the people, but her cost definitely goes up with this.

I actually have no problem with the number of mules you get. I don’t think @Havenstone should nerf that. What I was referring to getting a little more consideration was the reputation bonus you seem to get with the yeomanry for paying back the gold. I think some of them would still be pissed with their mules stolen, even if their grain is returned.

Just a few more last minute observations/suggestions.

Possible bug:
I might not have noticed it since I did so many playthroughs, but at the very end, and if the MC is in a relationship with Breden…picking Breden to lead the group after you leave…Breden doesn’t give the ‘how can you leave me dialogue.’ (Note: I’ll do another playthrough later today to confirm this.)

Given the set-up, romance with Suzane/Simon and Kala/Kalt aren’t as well developed (naturally)

However, if you can, I think you should have them say something as well when the MC leaves at the end of part 1, and if you don’t have them come with. de Firiac could say something about the Angels/Xthonos guiding the MC back to them, while Swineherd might say something along the lines of “do you really think I would be scared of Xaos?”

And just my own take on the mule thing @idonotlikeusernames mentioned. I actually think the mule situation is fairly ironed out. I know you don’t want the winter to be a cake walk for those who go the micromanaging route (and the min-maxers will figure out an optimum path anyways)…but I think it is just about right at the moment for more casual people who will return after trying it a time or two.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Your playthrough is accurate I think, I never had any af those events or situations. You don’t have to piss anyone lol. I have a great reputation with everyone. And you don’t have to have 9,000,000 of people nor tons of weaponry etc. I mean have small group changes totally the game to the point my game and rest of you barely is the same. I think a guide should let clear You could go with a small no violent group. Due if not nobody would notice lol.

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Oh I definitely agree. There are many choices in the beginning that will dictate someone’s strategies later on, as well as the end you desire.

In this case, @wonderfulcarpet was wanting a guide which would help defeat the Phalangites in full on combat, and it was the mentioned strategies above that helped me do it. You will lose a lot of people to the Phalangites, there is no doubt about that…but that is to be expected when you decided to fight the Thaumaturchy and instead of evade them.

And what can I say, for a more militaristic MC, I do like the idea of her doing something which no other rebel group did in a century…

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I defeated them in the way They ended so demoralized that they stop chasing me. The power of Advertising… Those 2 charisma Shayardenes Why you fight your own people and the religious Angels text. And traps and Lacoste spears… I lost basically no one.


Minor suggestion: If you decide to take on the Phalangites in direct combat, and if Bethune Cabel is with your group, you might want to allow her to be a choice for leading one of the flanking forces.

Also, if the MC does beat the Phalangites, you might want to have them, or at least someone in the band, recover the Theurge-forged sword wielded by the Tagmatarch.


I think we’re going to let the Tagmatarch survive with her sword, unless you follow the Accounting path. But in general your feedback and suggestions are fantastic – thanks so much.


That’s fine :slight_smile: When one makes suggestions, it is to be expected a good portion will be denied/changed/etc. as it won’t necessarily fit your needs.

And if nothing else, the Tagmatarch would make an excellent witness to such a loss…one the Archon may not forgive. Heh, if nothing else, someone driven for revenge in a later part.

That said, I do hope you will track Stand and Fight achievement for a later part. I can actually see an MC being considered a greater threat than someone who ran just by the fact they won such a battle.


Oh, definitely. It won’t be the only way you can get a bump to the threat perception, but it’ll be a huge one.


Havie, The fact my Character and band could achieve survive and run away from huge force being so few should be part of a mystical propaganda and that halo of Guerrilleros. That account my group didn’t attack civilians or anyone really. I mean if I have to dreaming about a moral religious pacific revolution It has to be able to create a mystical halo soon.

Also well done with the demoralizing propaganda campaign lol. It felt like a victory seen that big group all demoralized to have to attack us.
Still need polishing, I still being offered to have leaders from young people I never had. And Ghost breden still appear in my stats.


I know it wouldn’t fit into the scope/desire of your work, but I think it might have been interesting if there was an option during the winter to learn more of Wiendrj. Nothing specific, just a choice, maybe learning their language, or beliefs, etc.

This could raise someone’s Cosmopolitan level, not to mention if the MC had business in Weindrj, they might overhear someone plotting against them, etc.

Of course, this could also be balanced by other Shayardenes calling the MC a pretend Shayarden, etc.

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I think that could be a choice expecific for a cosmopolitan or a 2 int player. For the rest,
no. My character is 90% nacionalist and charismatic no one would expect That nacionalist or not intel players would decide Scrolls time in middle of a famine cold winter about something they don’t care. However, for a cosmopolitan or a 2 intel a option to raid or bought info lore about Wendy could be great.
Maybe a different story bought in base cosmopolitan vs nacionalist and main stat. Like 2 charisma nacionalist could raid buy a copy of and old nacionalist epic lyrics.
a cosmopolitan a imperial poetry.
And something weapons for combat focused players


I know this is a little pedantic of me, but there is a chance if you ask Breden to marry you, they will reply with:
Ask me again if we’re both alive at the end of this, Alya. Maybe you’ll beat them, somehow, or maybe your bloody kenon will smile upon us. But I’ve no interest in being your wife for a week, or however long it takes for the Archon to chew us up.” She stares at you angrily for a long moment – then pulls you in for a savage kiss. Her tears are hot against your cheeks. “Damn you for only asking me now. And damn me for not being able to just walk away from you.”

I can see someone wondering if at the end if you would have a chance to ask Breden again to marry…even before you head off into the Xaos-lands :wink:


Actual…not bug, but pronoun mix-up:
“Kill her! He’s gone mad!” It’s the last thing you hear; you never see the knife that takes you from behind.

In the first part, you have “Kill her!” followed by “He’s gone mad!” Pretty obvious that “He’s” should be “She’s”

Plus another pronoun fix as well:
Breden was instantly on your heels as you stumbled back into the dusk-dappled alder grove. Behind him, through an aghast silence, you heard one of the other helots start to weep. “What are you doing, kuria?” There was nothing resembling mirth in her tone now

The bolded, “Behind him” should be “Behind her” as the second bolded one is the proper pronoun.


I must say, one of the things that helped me get interested in changing my character’s social class are those little bits of the game that remind you that the MC is a noble or helot. It doesn’t feel like one choice that never comes back. Why, I’m even considering making my canon MC a helot.


I know the feeling. Of course, my first playthrough was with a noble, so I consider that my canon MC, but all the other paths are interesting to do.

The one game that came closest to this was Dragon Age: Origins. Many people consider their first character as the MC, though did explore other paths (I personally went with a dwarven female noble)