Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

The Plektoi come with their own dedicated Theurges – it’s how they arrived on the battlefield. They weren’t marching with the army this whole time, they were brought in once they figured they had you pinned in a relatively small bit of the wilderness. I’ll try to make that clear.

Agree on the need for a good wrap.

And Theurgy can be even more effective than COM at winning the final battle. COM gets more out of the traps, which can be great (as you found) for whittling them down before the final fight. But the right kind of Theurge can wipe out all the enemy Theurges at once.

Quick question: for the second game, which title would you all prefer, Stormwielder or Stormwright? I’m not going to give any background on the meaning besides what the names themselves imply, but I’m just wondering which made-up word you think looks better.