Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

can the MC refine his own blood?

Big enough – there’s plenty of distinctive text for Theurge players – but not that big. No more so than (for example) the bits of the game you’d miss if you either romanced Breden or made an overt enemy of him/her, but didn’t try both. The game is intended to reward replaying with different choices, after all.

It’s impossible successfully to challenge the Thaumatarchy without some engagement with “that magic nonsense” (imagine an insurgency in our era that tried not to engage with petroleum products in any form). You don’t need to engage in Theurgy yourself, and you can pursue a main strategy for your revolt other than out-magicking the Hegemony… but the question of who uses Theurgy against the regime, what they do with it, and how they fuel it will be inescapable.

When you learn the secret: yes.


I don’t remember if it was stated in-game or not, but what precisely happens to blood when it’s used to fuel Theurgy? Does it just disappear, or…?

Yes – it evaporates in your hand.

When will be the next update ?

Asking when the next update will be is against forum etiquette – and in this case, I’m sad to say that it’s also vain because my ability to gauge how long it’s going to take me to complete a chapter has repeatedly proven to be utter crap.

I’m currently planning to post an update when I’ve finished Ch 3. The bulk of Ch 3 is the story of your interactions with the main “strangers in the woods,” Ecclesiast Linos and Platon Leilatou (who’s about to have a first-name change – will explain in the update). I’m all but done writing that bit. But there’s a string of smaller vignettes still to finish involving Hector Keriatou, Kalt, Simon, Breden, and your father. They should take far less time.

By analogy with Ch 2, it’s as if I’d finished the tax collector path and the celebration around the bonfire (the longest, most complex vignettes) but there are still some other, shorter bits to complete like the attack on House de Merre and the temple of Xthonos… Don’t know if that should inspire hope or despair. (: But I’m writing every evening, for what it’s worth.

@Havenstone, What do you think slows you down most: general lack of time, creative block, difficulties with Choice Script coding or something else?

Oh, general lack of time, no doubt about it. Two children under four and a highly demanding job. (My colleagues who find out that I do this in my spare time are, let’s say, politely incredulous.) And I do like to read the occasional book, watch the occasional movie, and play the occasional conquer-the-world computer game.

The second key factor is that I’m writing a long, detailed story, and it grows in the telling. For example, it used to be one page of prologue and straight into the Harrowing… but suggestions from others turned into the current Prologues (first the Plektoi one, then the other two after I’d begun posting here for feedback). The flashback sections in Ch 1 were inspired by FairyGodfeather and his challenge to make him care about Breden and the other helots more. And as I get new ideas for things I want to do in future games, I write the roots of them back into the current one – for example with the tax collector raid, or the Hector vignette I’m working on now.

It’s definitely not creative block, nor any difficulty with CS. (:

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So are you sure you’re not GRRM? I’m pretty sure he said the same thing about all his books. I played through it a few times and I gotta say it’s very well done. I love the story and cannot wait for further updates.

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Conquer-the-world computer games? You wouldn’t happen to Crusader Kings 2 or Europa Universalis 4, would you?

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Is there really no way to recruit that ‘Blademaster’ girl into the rebellion?

@Jaxx Havenstone’s already said that it is not possible to recruit her. Yet.

Okay, thanks Grimm. I don’t really should spend more time reading posts.

I’ve told myself I won’t try any new strategy games until I’m done writing Game I of CoReb – a little extra incentive. The games I’ve got around the house are about ten years old (Civ IV and Rome: TW). I got them before I went out to Afghanistan, didn’t keep up with games while I was there, and started writing this not too long after I got back to the UK… and here we are.

One can hardly go wrong with RTW, at any rate. I still play it to this day due to the stellar Europa Barbarorum mod.

How do you become a theurge player havenstone the ability has escaped me for sometime many many months have been spent in anticipation but it always alludes me every time please post a theurges guidebook for the living. Also a great idea if you use your own blood as a theurge player can it have a toll on you this next part is a spoiler for Eragon and Zombie Exodus like from Eragon where if you use your own blood it takes your energy or if you think that’s a little to copyrighted you can instead have it take away a part of your mortality or your humanity or morality like from ZE but if you use other peoples blood like the theurges nothing happens to you

@Generikb Intelligence has to be your main stat, then you have to study your ‘special scroll’ and choose to practice.

Why would using your own blood make you lose morality? Wouldn’t it be more evil to forcibly use other peoples blood?

In Choice of Rebels, there is no morality stat. Only your own conscience…

Try playing as a Theurge (per OtherGrimm’s advice), and see what you think of the energy sapping. It’s not permanent, and it certainly doesn’t affect your morality/humanity in a negative way – I’m on the same page as Johndn90 where that’s concerned.