Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


And I thought you were talking about the artillery…



Whenever someone uses a blood phial they break it or pour its contents into their hand. Does that mean physical contact with the blood is necessary to use it for Theurgy? If so, why?


Yes, physical contact with the blood is necessary. You don’t (yet) know why.


Interesting. I take it that the explanation is more than “it’s magic!”


There’s a reason intrinsic to the magic system, yes.


I was wondering @Havestone If i poisoning the blood using king cobra venom that destroys blood the magic could be sabotaged? Or make them harrowing hemophiliac people?

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Why king cobra?

There is a metric fuck ton of poisonous things in existence!?


@Player king cobra is one of the venom that more damage blood . Also king cobra sounds awesome better than black mamba or red pipe.


Yeah and it also what makes it impossible to go catch many of that kind of snakes and use them in the way you mean.

A plant based poison like Amatoxins or Strychnine hell you want to be thorough use Ricin.


You know that poison can be stored? in the crystal or whatever bottle plants are more complex that become in liquid or synthesized so using animal venom ready to use small drop could harm a entire vial


Most certainly but it is safer to manufacture plant based poisons than try to extract them from animals.


I was never talking about safety at all >:-) I would send kamikaze brainwashed helots to do that stuff , living bombs people with poisoned blood in harrowings etc


Sending “people with poisoned blood in Harrowings” – oh, I like that idea enough that I think I’ll have to find a way to use it. :slight_smile: Probably a mineral toxin rather than snake venom. But take heart, Mara: poison has definitely entered the game.


Damn xD these poor poor helots.




… *whisper everyone grab a helot and run


@Razgriz, I don’t know… depending on how the “kamikaze” bit were arranged, if I were a helot I might find it bleakly satisfying.

Imagine the poison – a leaf, a pill, whatever – gets handed out in a hundred widely scattered helot villages. If a person who’s taken the poison is Harrowed, it wrecks the whole batch. The helots try to make sure the people most likely to be Harrowed have it on them at the Harrowing; if picked, they discreetly pop it in their mouths. If they’re not picked, they save it for next time.

Once a few batches fail, the Hegemony has to start frantically trying to screen helots for the poison. Soon any helots condemned to be Harrowed can give a final shaft to the Thaumatarchy just by pretending to take the poison, whether they’ve actually got any or not. Do the Theurges go ahead and Harrow them or not?

Now, harvesting/refinement is a pretty robust process – there’s no need for helots to be in good health, for example – so identifying a poison that actually wrecks a batch will be the trick. But once you’ve got it, seems to me it could throw the whole finely tuned extraction machine into disarray.


Hmm well I suppose if you’re going to die anyway might as well give them a final “F*** you” by ruining their supply. This is just me but if I had a feeling that I was going to be harrowed at the next harrowing I would’ve tried to make a shiv from any piece of metal or sharp rock as well as getting the pill and trying my best to jam the shiv into the main theurges (or an alastors if I’m not able to get to my target) throat before I’m over powered by the guards. At least I’d know I’m bringing someone else down with me.


@Havenstone all that scene remembers the Serbians that kill the Archduke and start first Ww. Poison and a bullet change world forever


This question has probably already been answered but 38 pages is a lot of text so I will just ask it again.

What do the personality traits (example, compassionate devout nationalist) do?