Choice of Games is hiring a part-time Production Assistant!

Please see the listing here!

The application period will close on Monday, March 2nd.


Is this an office or a remote job? Thank you!



May I ask how long it will take to get a response?

A response that we received your application? We did. The email made it.

A response in any other way? The best advice I can give anyone applying to any job, not just ours, is that after you apply you have to forget about it.


Hi, meant to ask this in my email, but I feel this would be fine here. As this is a part time gig, if we have other work such as software freelance, our own game development side projects, etc. would that interfere with this job i.e. be considered a conflict in a noncompete?

Not at all.

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Is there a minimum age limit for the job application?

Labor laws about employing school-age persons vary from state to state in the U.S.

The job is limited to US residents, so presumably we would not legally be able to hire someone who is not at least 15 or 16, which is the minimum legal employment age in most places for most non-union/non-family owned company jobs.


Familiarity with ChoiceScript or another programming language—such as HTML or Javascript—is also a desirable quality.

programming language

such as HTML

*laughs in hypertext markup syntax*

by the way, this was a joke, :tipping_hand_man::tongue: