Choice of Games Discourse Interview


Look! It’s an article about our forums. :slight_smile: (And choice of games too.) :slight_smile:


We’re mentioned as a positive example of a community using Discourse. :grin: Yay us :tada:


its probably a stupid question but what exactly are crawlers in that breakdown of activity on the 30 day pie chart


A Web crawler is an Internet bot which systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing.


im not overly computer savvy but, how can you tell if there are bots or people usually can only tell if your a bot if your one of those poorly made skype bots that are “oh so lonely”

the web link makes them sound very difficult to make comparitivly though


Web crawlers are usually used by search engines like Google. They scan the internet looking for things, so people searching for Choice of Games on google, can only find if google’s web crawler has found it.


We’re number 22! Woohoo! Look out #21!


:smiley: Thank you for sharing this! @FairyGodfeather That’s totally awesome! Go us! :slight_smile:


This is such good news! I hope it encourage more people to join the community.


I’m a user who would still like a fixed-pagination mode option.
Also adding the spoiler tag to the format bar would be welcome too.
Other than that, good news everybody !!



Awesome! Thanks for sharing it!