Choice of Games Amino

What Is CoG Amino?
CoG Amino is a fan-created community dedicated around Choice of Games, Hosted Games, and WiPs.

In CoG Amino you can chat with others about CoG books in both a private or a public setting.
You may also share fanwork, discuss theories, participate in fan-made challenges and events, or even show your support for a particular character or game. We also welcome and encourage roleplay! Any and all OCs are welcomed with open arms.

What is Amino?
Amino is a social media app, designed to connected people who share their interests in a fandom. It is compatible with both IoS and Android.

How Do I Join?
We recommend downloading the Amino app first. After you have downloaded the app, you can join the community by clicking on this Link, or by searching for Choice of Games Amino in the app.

Important Note
This is a community made by fans for fans, meaning we have no connection to Choice of Games, it acts much like a discord server dedicated to CoG.

Final Note
We hope to see you there and believe that anyone who enjoys Choice of Games/Hosted Games will find this Amino ideal.

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Is this something officially affiliated, or endorsed by Choice of Games?

Amino is simply a page for fan forums and wikis.

It is unlikely it would be enforced due to the fact Amino does make money off of the users. Thus CoG would be inclined to keeps its user base on these forums.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Per the opening post:

A good rule of thumb:
Unless something was posted by a staff member and in the #announcements page, then what you’re looking at is almost certainly unofficial and unaffiliated with CoG as a whole.


Yep, they’re not connected to CoG themselves, unofficial. I can’t answer for CoG amino itself since I was only advertising for them with my account, so i’m also not connected to the people that ran it.