Choice of Game Reviews

Seeing as there is no-one reviewing WiP games, (at least not in a separate forum thread) I decided to at least review one game and encourage more to do so.
I chose to review the wonderful WiP United We Stand, and here’s the review:

The second major success of Hosted Author Alex Clifford, author of Divided We Fall, is United We Stand, where you are tossed into the shoes of either a Communist, or a Fascist Member of Parliament in a world increasingly being divided by those sides.

The country is a mix of Spain, Germany, and Eastern European countries combined into one political mess, with separate regions of different political views. It shows all sides of the political spectrum, showing whatever choice you want fairly well.

All in all, if you want a WiP that covers covers historical fiction, politics, and some violence mixed in, this is the correct one for you. The story mixes in historical references, making it also great for historical nerds. I rate this game 8/10.


I’m hesitant of this idea.

Although giving constructive criticism is valuable, it should probably be done in the WIP thread. Placing reviews of unfinished games has a sense of finality to it. The entire idea of it being Work In Progress means that it’s changing (hopefully for the better!) so reviewing it with a rating seems premature.

Just my thoughts.


If you want to talk about WiPs, please do so on their thread.