Choice of Dragons 2

It’d be rather confusing to suddenly be selling DLC for a five year old free game, and do you really want to have to replay all those parts you’ve already done multiple times to get to the new content? Conversely, I can’t think of any real benefit to doing so. It wouldn’t really be very much less work, heck it might even be more since it’s such an old game and whoever was writing the new stuff would have to familiarize themselves with the stats balancing all over again.


I know this topic is old, but can I just say I’d love to see a sequel to Choice of the Dragon game. I loved it 5 years ago when I was a kid, and I love it now. Also the ending to the first gave me the impression that it will pick up again at some point, so I was hoping there would be a second game.


I don’t know how I’d feel about that. CoD was a fun game for the first few playthroughs, it had DRAGONS, and it’s very good for being completely free–but it’s a tad short and doesn’t offer a lot of emotional depth in the romance with your mate. Still, I’d enjoy seeing a sequel that improved on those things.


I hope they make it so you could be a ‘friendly’ dragon in the new game if they ever make it. I’ve loved the first one but really felt like there could have been more choices at times


Appears to be a chat about a sequel of the game but isn’t said directly.

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