Choice of Dragons 2

Is any of you making it? I created this account for a sole purpose to ask about it


Anybody? :frowning:

No information has been provided of one currently being worked on.

I hope they do, choice of dragon was great


I’m with you CountDon :smiley:

For some reason, I have no idea why, but, I kind of dislike CoD. I don’t know why, though. :stuck_out_tongue: *Shuts up from here*

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It was a lot more light-hearted I felt, most likely causing it to appeal to some more than others.


Well this year is the dragon year…

I don’t think they are going to make a sequel.

They should, it was my favorite. I was able to rule as a narcissistic cunning dragon who got everything he wanted.


So they are not making/giving any information about it? :frowning:

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I read in a few places that it was at least on there list of things to do


High-five! :smiley: =;

@CountDon & @JossieE

Booo :-q

I think it has a quaint charm. It’s no marvel of the English language, nor a masterpiece in story telling, but it feels, well, free. You get to do what you want, and how you want to. It captures the essence of interactive fiction (not perfectly, but well enough to truly be entertaining despite its short comings). I’d love to see how a second part would look, now that CS has a ‘grounding’ so to speak, and has seen a bit of action and use. The first of any new endeavor is never the best. Just look at ADVENT. It’s lauded, but it is by no means a good game. There is always this touch of nostalgia, which bleeds over into even those who have never seen something.

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I really liked Choice of the Dragon but unless the author makes up a real good storyline a sequel seems somewhat pointless to me.

Maybe a completely unrelated sequel, yeah, you’re the offspring of the old dragon but otherwise it’s an entirely fresh start. I think a direct sequel would feel forced.

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I think CoD was the first to come out. It was the only type of that game I could find on the App Store, so I played it a bunch of times.

No word on a sequel yet?

One qestion, why not just add to the first on like “Yietie parole officer” did? You have to pay 1:99 and you get 6 more chapters?