Choice between Werewolf, Vampire, or Hunter?


You know y’all should make a game about choosing to be a Werewolf, Vampire, or Hunter.It would be very interesting. Your first choice can be like are you in high school, College, or at work. That would be age difference you know ,and then you take a wrong turn from getting off your first choice. Then you choose what you would want to be. I would do it myself but I have no idea how to make a good story. So could you please give thought. :pray:


Why not give players a choice?


They do, it just i don’t know anything about making a choice of games story i was someone would try my idea and make one


@Dez_The_Animer, don’t despair! I’m sure if you tried it would be a good story. Everyone starts somewhere :ok_hand:


My heart dropped because I thought this was a WIP being announced. I actually have one under works similar to this concept already, but haven’t documented it in a post, therefore I’d have to trash the idea of you were making the same thing but posted it first, so I got scared a bit :laughing:
Anyways, any suggestions? The current setup will focus on three eras, (they have shifted around a bit, but there will be three) and your actions in an earlier era will be important and will change later eras. Romance will have to play a part, because I want to implement a system where each further era, you are playing as your descendant (or perhaps for the vamp, a desciple they turned.) living with the after effects of their ancestors while trying to forge their own destiny. I had planned on Werewolfs and Humans taking center stage, but if the vamps are in popular demand I’ll give them some time in the spot light. Each era will be dynamically different. While a medieval like era will focus on surviving while killing off the other groups, some later eras may lead way to co-existence. (because who doesn’t want the police force replaced by werewolves, that’d be epic for criminal tracking.) although I have two sets so far (medieval, colonial, modern) and (medieval, modern, future), I’m pretty sure I want to go with the first one unless someone wants cybernetic enhanced hunters to play as. Anyways, it is under works, so you won’t have to despair, although if I get banned at some point (I seem to have an unnatural ability to offend everyone at some point, working on it.) then you may want to despair, although to be honest if one of the big dogs like jimD made this thing it would most likely turn out better, I’m still giving this a shot.

Update:I attempted to post a poll about which game I’ll work on next, Silent Moon is part of it, but I couldn’t set up a decent poll because of syntax errors.


I once tried to write a story (2,5k) about hunter partnered up with a werewolf trying to catch a vampire.


I don’t see why anyone should scrap their stories… It’s not as though your ideas and writing style are the exact same. :ok_hand:


Maybe it’s just more of a personal thing but I think people would suspect me of copying the concept


I do see what you’re saying.