Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



ah, ok! i didn’t have time to go through the whole topic, i just skimmed the main post. thanks for letting me know!


No problem. The game is in an overhaul stage so we’re all just waiting for the proper update so I’m just here writing fanfic to sate the hunger while waiting

And I think a few posts above have been talking about their MC’s if you want to join in on the waiting game


Quick questions cause I haven’t checked in awhile and just updated my MC:

1). How do we flirt with drunk Sage when we first meet her? There was one option that we couldn’t choose.

2). When I went with sage the only option that I could pick was to go back for my team. The other two were errors.

3). Not a question just an error I found. Very small. Believe is spelled wrong when we question Hermes on the Seekers.


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