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Saint’s level of skill in cooking is my level of skill in life.


Evander would probably have more than 500 words for Vesper in turn, considering part of his heritage is Puerto Rican :laughing: (the other half is Lakota Tribe descent, though the Hispanic side is more noticeable).

I can already see Saint’s bewildered expression to seeing his sibling cooking for him before getting absolutely giddy with excitement and hovering around them in anticipation for the food to finish (“Hey, is it done now? How about now? Can I have it now?). :grinning:

Yeah, teaching Saint to cook might be a bit of a headache, but I can see a good number of Bearers (Evander and Damon included) enjoying the normal moment.

Evander and Vess should have a cook-off; see whose cooking makes one of the group members jokingly (or not so jokingly) tell one of our Bearers ‘marry me’.


D’aww, Vesper’s Spanish would probably be rusty but she’d try and keep up with Evander as much as she can. After leaving Arizona, I can’t imagine there’s been too many opportunities for her to exercise that part of her.

And poor Saint is about to learn about the long cooking times of some of Vess’ favorite dishes.

Saint: It’s been an hour, is the ceviche done yet?
Vess: [laughs] Noooo, nooooooooooo, not for another three at a minimum. Four to be safe.
Saint: [clutching heart] But I want some now…

Hmm, that’s a good question. If there’s a time limit to the competition Vess might lose outright because her quickest dishes all take like two hours to complete (at the minimum). :sweat_smile:

Hmm, then tacos it is! I wonder how many proposals a platter of beef and chorizo tacos will land her…?


Great, now I’m hungry.
Time to go scavenge for food…

@Everyone, I’d love to see this thread filled with your own Bearer/cooking skills/food headcanons when I come back, lol.


Evander would probably slow down if it was clear that someone he was conversing with was having a hard time keeping up with his Spanish. But he’s definitely the type who get easily excited when he hears someone speaking a language he knows.

…He is also the type to use the fact that he knows Spanish to his advantage, especially if it’s clearly catching the interest of someone he likes. His voice would instinctively dip into huskier tone as he murmured his words reverently while hugging softly before planting a light kiss on their forehead. And if his lover asked Evander what He had just said, he smile far too innocently before reminding them that they’re supposed to be doing something (Evander is innocent more than half the time, but when he starts teasing, he teases HARD). Might even take to learning his lover’s native language just to surprise them.

I don’t think I ‘aww’d so hard than from reading this mini scene.

After having go through that a first time, Evander would prepare a small dish or snack for Saint to nibble on while the food cooks and talk to his brother to distract him long enough to finish the food in peace.

Evander likes cooking things at his own pace to perfection, so he’d be taking his time alongside Vess. You don’t rush perfection (especially in regards to food).

Too many Bearers, so I’ll try to make it short and simple.

Evander. Nyx, and Rain: Can cook. Will cook. Don’t you dare rush these cooks. They’re all really good at cooking foods native to their heritages, though Evander in particular has a rather extensive cooking expertise and is a quick study when it comes to learning new recipes.

Damon, Mia, and Echo: On the move too often to really care to cook. Damon and Mia can cook some things, but they’re nothing spectacular while Echo can only do the barest basics of cooking. Has preference for ready to grab foods (Mia likes granola bars, Damon enjoys apples, and Echo can often be seen with a small pouch on candies).

Pan, Alex, and Anastasia: DEAR LORD KEEP THESE PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN. Pan can do many household chores, but cooking is not one of them (he washes and cuts things just fine though). Ana tries, but just can’t seem to get the hang of it. Alex likes to experiment FAR too much with the food and has no sense of taste.


hi so i thought this would be a good topic to bring up here on the forums.


I swear if (young woman, possible witch or evil witch-accuser girl??!) Aeson calls the Essence connection WITCHCRAFT he shall face present Kasia’s w r a t h. Or y’know, like at least get it held against him for like a loooooong time.

P.S. is there like an actual canon word for this that @Rohie or someone else made up besides the “tether”


Kasia can cook, but hasn’t really thought about it much since being on the run (like @Okami-Nora’s Damon, Mia, and Echo). She would definitely consider taking it up again if she comes across a well-stocked and open kitchen at the Institute, but what are the odds she can catch a break long enough lol.

She’s great at baking. Doesn’t like baked goods all that much. Totally content with making food just for other people basically bec she loves other people. :blush:

Her palate is definitely more inclined towards the savory rather than the sweet. She loves snacks with a passion. Asian food will forever be her go-to.


Y’know what, I’ll play as a lesbian and romance female Aeson. My MC is the type of person that would tease Aeson for what he used to do in his past life, even if the bestower was a different person. My MC would even hold a grudge against him or accuse him of things for what he did 200 or maybe even 1000 years ago. So my character would probably tease Aeson by saying that he’s cute as a girl, or that he looks cute in dresses. Poor Aeson, my MC is such a burden.

But imagine having a flashback and the bestower did something you didn’t approve of. Hell, my MC would even get mad because he chose Helena over her.

MC: Why did you pick Helena over me?

Aeson: what?


Aeson: But that was centuries ago.

MC: and i loved you dude wtf


In this post Rohie ranked the neediest RO’s from lowest to highest, however, do I read it upwards or downwards?

Here’s the list by the way:


If I’ll read it downwards, Aeson is the one that is the neediest for love.
If I read it upwards, Adonis is the one that wants that MC booty the most.


The ask says from lowest to highest. It means our boi Aeson is needy af which isn’t going to bode well with Vesper, aka The Neediest™ especially when she starts questiong whether her feelings are real or a manifestation of the Essence’s desire to become whole again. (งツ)ว Fun times.

Although Helena would thrive because now she has someone to accept all her affection and attention and time and love and energy and yeah, it gets codependent real fast. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And Alexander…Alexander would not put in the effort, lol.


lol Am I correct to assume that any time Pan, Alex, or Anastasia are in a kitchen unsupervised with Saint, the entire continent is on fire watch? :joy:

@violet Can you clarify what you mean by ‘tether’? I think I know what you’re asking but I just gotta ask before I make an ass of myself, lol.

Also, Kasia sounds like a nice person, giving away baked goods like that…is there any chance she can do interdeminsional deliveries? I got a hankerin’ for some chocolate muffins. :upside_down_face:


I think if Leon/Korrina’s relationship was high enough and the Bearer chose to talk about it with Aeson, he does imply that Paris may have harbored more honest feelings for Leon/Korrina (Helen was the same in this regards too if the Bearer had a high enough relationship with her and harbored feelings for her).

I’m assuming it’s lowest to highest, starting from Adonis as lowest and Aeson as highest (at least, I think that’s how I think the list is going). Every one of them may have different reasons for the varying levels of neediness they have. Though my short opinion on the matter is:

I’m a little surprised about Donny being the lowest, Avery being relatively low didn’t surprise me, Sage being in between in levels of neediness did shock me (was expecting Adonis to be the in between at lowest), Calypso just makes me sad and makes me want want to hug her (and also makes me wonder if maybe her father’s lack of sentimentals were truly enough for her), Santiago makes me laugh (one of the two in denial characters being that high on the need list), and Aeson surprised me a little but not too much.


Nooooo, and I was replaying it so many times hoping to still get Hades as the dad. 71% wit was the highest I got haha. He will always be the real dad in the eyes of my Mc though.


My Damon despises the mere thought of pineapple on pizza.


You heard of one brother.

Now get ready for: two brothers.


Adonis actually doesn’t surprise me that much as he’s pretty casual about everything (except his jealousy, lol that boi ain’t right).

Avery and Sage…I have no opinion on their position, it’s neither surprising nor expected as their romances are just…unpredictable to me.

Yeah, Caly’s position makes me sad too. Poor girl, she deserves love.

Aeson’s…surprising yet not at all unexpected. He actually reminds me a bit of Saint in the regard that both are the only–as far as we know–people to have ever actually…imagined, I suppose is the word, their relationship with the Bearer prior to meeting them, in that they both expect to have a close and meaningful relationship that may or may not have been their emotional crutch for who knows how long? At least that’s what I’ve gathered.

Santi’s is also hilarious to me. If he’s anything like me, and I’m certain he is, his refusal to “catch feelings”/Mariana Trench depth of denial means that he actually psyches himself out by wondering if the Bearer truly likes him or if they’re also in denial or some other crazy thing that only people who think things through too much can imagine.

Santi: [wakes up panting]
MC: [sleepily] What’s wrong?
Santi: I…uh…do you still love me?
MC: …?
Santi: [hyperventilating] Well?
MC: Santi…we’re married.
Santi: SO???
MC: oh my god


So what would be the most uncomfortable thing that could happen between you and the bestower? (Your past lives)

  • The bestower hurt me or the one’s I loved in a past life (murder, betrayal, accusations…etc)
  • I hurt the bestower or the one’s they loved in a past life (murder, betrayal, accusations… etc)
  • The bestower and I used to be siblings in a past life, and my goal is to romance them in the game
  • That I used to hate puppies in a past life
  • That I used to like pineapple on pizza in a past life
  • That the bestower used to hate something in a past life that you cherish today (books, animals, a type of music)
  • That I used to hate something in a past life that I cherish today (books, animals, a type of music)
  • That I was a horrible human being to everyone in a past life (could be anything to criminal activity to simple bullying and harassing)
  • That the bestower used to be a horrible human being in a past life (could be anythong to criminal activity to simple bullying and harassing)

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No :~) The list is from Neediest to Least Needy.


part3 line 1983: Non-existent command ‘endofceremony’

Got a bug after choosing not to give a speech, thought I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


crushing my dreams

Are you telling me that Aeson isn’t actually all that loveydovey oh my god. For a good 5 minutes I thought that he was the neediest.

Well it’s still ok i’m still on team #Baeson


I want an option where I can yell at Aeson for keep getting us killed.