Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



That’s true but I was thinking more in Hades’ point of view. If he was the Bearer’s father, even without the whole sharing genetics thing, it must be weird as hell to have your two “children” dating each other. Both of each you’ve been slighty involved in raising.

For the whole of Olympus it would be fine tho, I’m sure.


Hades being drilling his brother’s daughter. I don’t think here cares much for that topic


That… is a great point :no_mouth:. I take back all I’ve said.


Married to his brother and sister’s child.

Although that reminds me that’s something I’d want to be able to ask Aunt Alice if she and Uncle Henry had been participating in the ancient sport of greco-Roman wrestling.

And if they are still participating.


Oh, sweet baby Heracles. This is something I’ve wanted to ask Auntie and Uncle for some time now…

And if so, poor Persephone… ;-;


I’d love to ask that question!


To be fair we don’t know what kind of relationship Hades and his wife have.

After thousands of years together they might have hit the “What doesn’t happen in Hades stays out of Hades” phase of the relationship.


I would imagine it to be somewhat frosty since the myth says that Hades tricked his wife into staying in the Underworld for several months at the most by having her eat a certain number of pomegranate seeds if I remember right. It’s been a while since I read the Greek mythology but if Hades has been truly a good person all of the time and was loving like he is in the story then well, they might have a good relationship.


“As we’ve explained,” Zeus continues. “Human bodies cannot handle the power of the Essence. So, we are willing to offer your an immortal body, one that can withstand the Essence as its soul.”



Myths, being stories, often contradict.

The two big ones I’m aware of-

1 Persephone was kidnapped and basically Zeus married her to her rapist for all eternity. Hopefully not the one used here.

2 there was no kidnapping, Demeter is just a crazy overprotective mamma bear who can’t accept that her baby girl is old enough to leave the nest.

It doesn’t help that historically the difference between marriage and forced kidnapping hasn’t always been as clear cut as one would like.


I do have to agree that there were myths that does contradict each other but the myth that I had to read in high school world history implies that Hades kidnapped his wife, Demeter got angry and told Zeus to do something about it, Zeus didn’t really care much so Demeter turned the world into a cold place where mortals couldn’t grow food or catch fish until Zeus had enough of her actions but Hades loved his wife so much that he tricked her into eating the pomegranate seeds so she would had been forced to stay in the Underworld for months at the most and she would go back when the months were up, repeating the situation forever. Now when I think of it, I personally think these two myths you mentioned was lumped together to explain the climate changes during my classes. Maybe the myth I had to read wasn’t really the myth that was told in Ancient Greece as you listed two different perspectives of it.


@stsword is correct. The additional other considerations as to why Persephone x Hades was considered a happy marriage was that:

  • Persephone has few myths and images that actually connect her to her mother. She’s often depicted by Hades’ side and they literally rule the underworld jointly (like she can actually bend/get Hades to bend certain rules for her just because) – her name literally comes from the word ‘to bring death’ (so the link between her and her husband is actually very there thematically)

  • Hades is loyal af. The only exception is that Minthe story and even then it’s not very clear if Persephone had a jealous streak or if she wanted to protect Minthe from her mother. Anyway, in the world where Zeus’ infidelities are not news and Poseidon is equally as…free with his passions, this stands out a lot

I can think of a few more but that’s going to be a very long post


You seem to be working on some big assumptions here.

Myths aren’t one collection of work. They are stories, in this case stories told by countless people over a period of time that spans over 900 years.

Why would you expect them to not contradict? No force stopped people from changing the stories whenever they wanted.

Myths were basically the equivalent of fan fiction spread over the internet by random people.

Take Orion the hunter. Who his father was varies. How he dies varies. Whether he was a giant taller than the ocean or capable of walking on water varies.


It is possible. I’m just saying what I have learned but I also said that it’s been a long time since I read these so my knowledge on them is pretty shady at the moment and there’s quite a lot of those stories that are different in certain parts, so I apologize for that confusion.


What’s surprising is that any God is still married. Has any of them been faithful? At all? Sounds more like a sham to me than anything else.


If you ever get the chance to read or translate Ovid’s Metamorphoses there is a part where Calliope (the muse) sings about Hades’ rape of Persephone. It basically goes over everything @MichaelCrank mentioned, where Perspehone was siezed and taken to the underworld allegedly against her will. However, the focus of the story is moreso on Ceres/Demeter and her desperate chase to get her daughter back. So, it’s logical to say that Persephone went willingly into the underworld, ate the food there, and her dear overprotective mother had a fit. Your version is the one taught in schools, yes, but it’s not necessarily the end all be all interpretation.


Playing for the first time, keep trying to get Hades as my father (kill hunter & have wit as highest stat) but I’m only getting Zeus! Also, I never actually meet Calypso. I go straight from waking up with Avery checking on me to being given a tour of the school.


Zeus is currently the only Paternal option - Hades is no longer a valid choice.


True. I guess it’s just my love for the Goddess Summoning Series by P.C. Cast.

Goddess of Spring, with the MC taking on the body of Persephone and Persephone her human body, with the MC in it falling in love with Hades has always been one of my favorite books and shipped my love for Hades back when I was like, 13. (I’m 21 now lol)


What Eiwynn said. Everything after that scene with Avery doesn’t seem to been changed. Though, knowing the author, we should see a few changes soon.