Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Given Rohie’s tumblr am so excited for a lot of things :)) the mini romance bits she’s written so far are so promising I want to cry


Now THIS I can get behind. :grinning:

A couple of us did joked a number of posts back about the idea of the Bearer being put in the awkward moment of reliving a past where they had a thing going on with one of the Gods/Goddesses or even saying to you RO ‘So your Godly parent may have tried to hit on me in one of my past lives’. But it really is a situation that has a lot of potential to adding a interesting dynamic with some of the Twelve who had a chance to create a bond with the Bearer during one of their lives (and seeing what kind of effect it may have on them when they interact with the current Bearer when they learn the connection that they may have with the person from their past).

The Bearer and Bestower have not been known to live long lives in general, so their relationship the Gods could’ve have been one of the shortest relationships that the Twelve ever had with a human. But as we’ve seen with Helen if the Bearer was her friend (and especially if the Bearer loved her), just because they’re life was short doesn’t mean that those they touched weren’t heavily effected by their actions, even if they may not been a Hero in the eyes of the world and was easily forgotten by history. Heck, I have high doubts that Helen ever really forgot the young man/woman who came into her life and I have high doubts that others from the Bearer’s past ever forget the person they bonded with for a brief amount of time.

Yeah, it seems the thing that gives him some pause with the Bearer is the (possible) genuineness of their attraction toward him. That seems like a attraction he has very little experience with and that alone might be triggering him into be a little more careful with how he approaches the Bearer.

That all said:

Has anyone decided to play the Bearer’s past life with some type of pattern involved? For Evander, I’m making it that he’s always loved someone in each life, as family, friends, or lovers. And that he never loved Aeson as anything past family or friends.


I think Rohie said on her tumblr that the Apollo romance thing was something that could happen in a past life, with the option to continue in the present.


Pretty much the same, except my Bearer had Aeson as her lover every single time.

I don’t know how many more flashbacks we’re going to see but I can’t imagine what impact those memories are going to have on the MC. Can you imagine remembering all the mothers, siblings and friends that have loved you and are now gone? That’s gotta be heartbreaking.


My most likely to be canon MC, Sophia, tries to do the right thing (though “right” is a bit tricky to pin down – see Aang talking to the previous avatars about what the right course of action towards the season finale of S3 of ATLA iirc)

As for relationships, Sophia and her past selves are motivated by love – for better or for worse – and when combined with the desire to do good does not always pan out the way she wants

See: Korrina’s love for Paris vs the decision to stay loyal to the crown (or not)

Would it be better if she left and supported the Trojans for reasons other than Paris? What about Sparta? Etc

@komorebi you are correct. Apollo romance is indeed going to take place in a flashback and you can decide later if you would like to rekindle/continue the relationship

@Okami-Nora agreed. Am still not very fond of the idea of dating Apollo – even though I have faith in Rohie’s abilities – so at least ways to lessen the blow? HAHA

But I do like the conflict of reconciling/constructing identities and themes of moving on from loss – heck that partially answers the time old question what does it mean to live (you can scrutinize how much the old adage of “they live through you” or “their memories live on through you” or anything to that effect is really true)

EDIT: I should clarify this extends to non romantic love too. What if Sohia’s previous self had a parent that did an something terrible and she has to choose between family and the right thing to do


My canon MCs (Godric for the boy, Nyx for the girl) Have had interesting past lives!


Saw this picture (minor NSFW)


That’s an oy vey!


Zeus won’t try and gave the MC the Talk will he?


Agreed, she is the most concerning, I don’t trust Sage


More of Saint Augustine’s attributes (alongside DOVES):

Like many other bishop saints, Augustine is often shown with a book and a maquette of a church, as at right. But an attribute more specific to him is a heart, sometimes pierced by an arrow

A heart…pierced by an arrow…is anyone else reminded of the dreams we had in the old versions of the game where our friends (Cally, Adonis, Saint) killed doves? Does anyone remember what Saint’s dream was like? I think he looks @ you and goes: ‘This is how the world ends?’ Y’all are on a a mountain or something. Rohie also confirmed on tumblr tht Saint might not be alive at the end of your game.

In an ask Rohie answered on her tumblr, one of Saint’s worse character traits was listed as gluttony, habitual greed or excess.

Molanus (338-39) explains the heart attribute as a reference to two passages from the saint’s writings. The first is from a commentary on Proverbs 23:26, “My son, give me thy heart and let thy eyes keep my ways.” Augustine writes, “He says, give me. Give me what? Son, your heart. When it stays with you, it will go ill. You will be drawn to toys and to lascivious and harmful loves. Give me, he says, your heart. Let it be mine, and it will not perish.”


In speaking of tumblr, Rohie writes that deaths are preventable except for one – I’m still hoping this isn’t Saint but maybe a god (maybe Hades if that were possible, mostly for that line that says he’s too mortal)


ANY trait about a person has a strength and weakness to it, even when the characteristic is considered a ‘good’ one in general. There’s a reason why the quote ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ exists.

It can easier for some people to be reliable and honest to others, but much harder to let themselves be honestly vulnerable enough to let those around them fully in.

But yes, that combination of words is pretty fascinating; I wonder what Sage will be like when she gathers up the mental courage to be more open to the Bearer about something other than her hostility.

I’m waiting for someone to ask for Calypso romance bit or a quote about her relationship with the Bearer. I genuinely curious about what way her interactions with a interested Bearer are different from her interactions with Aeson.

And after reading the tumblr ask about who is not as polished when it comes to flirting with the Bearer and showing that they’re interested in pursuing a relationship with them, I NEED to see Sage in action now. I get the feeling she will try what Santiago or Saint suggest for a while, fail hilariously at it, and finally just go ‘screw it’ and let the Bearer know she like them in a very blunt direct way only Sage can really do. :rofl:

Also, the fact that Saint will help one of the ROs seduce his brother/sister/sibling in some way amuses me far too much. Like, how successful does anyone really think Saint’s aid will make them when trying to get their feelings across to the Bearer (I know he has a boyfriend, but I’m not too sure that he won his boyfriend over with suave flirting) :laughing:. Or I could be interpreting this all wrong and a Saint (who has a close relationship with the Bearer) is just going to jump in to help the RO impulsively because of multiple reasons.

I wonder how Brother Dearest himself views the potential relationships the Bearer can get into. :thinking:


Well if he’s playing shipper I’m assuming in one way or another, he approves. But as always, there’s the worry that’ll linger around like Aeson’s status as Olympus’ beloved, Donnie having a lot of exes that may or may not be vengeful, Santi being Santi (part of me feels he’ll have some form of communication issues), Cal has Ares as a big hurdle (same with Sage, Hermes seems lowkey hostile in the rewrite)

Frankly. Avery seems the most drama free :))

Apollo though I can see Saint going “Really?”


I don’t know that ‘vindictive’ trait of her makes me wonder things. :sweat_smile: And the fact she is secretive kind of makes me wonder how difficult it might have some communication issues of her own when it comes to certain matters.

I honestly think that a lot of people are sort of expecting the Bearer and Bestower to be a item at some point. Which I imagine could lead to a little bit of friction with insecurity with some of ROs (especially if the Bearer does share a close bond with Aeson, who many call the Bearer ‘other half’).

One of the many possible things that Bearer is going to have to worry about when interest in Donny. I’d also add in Aphrodite’s whims and the frustrated fans of Donny who he has yet to go out with in that list of dangers too (can’t imagine many happy people when Donny begins to flirt with others less and less due to the Bearer’s influence). :sweat_smile:

It will be interesting to see Saint being a little protective about the idea of Santiago being interested in the Bearer. He may really like Santiago as a friend, but there is always that chance that he’s not as keen of Santiago taking a liking to his brother/sister/sibling due to knowing how he usually is about relationships.

The Ares thing is something I’ve always wondered about. In the old demo, Calypso had claimed that Ares didn’t hate the Bearer, but we have yet to know if that idea still stands in the new version (or even if Calypso was right or not). But I imagine that out of all the ROs that the Bearer can get with, it will be Calypso that causes Saint to make the most remarks about the relationship.

The Hermes situation is just as interesting; he was one of the Gods who is apparently willing to let the Bearer be one of the Hero Candidates. But the new demo does seem to confirm that he’s got a few suspicions that the Bearer had killed one of his children. So I don’t know what game he’s playing. Although I think that when it comes to the matter of interest, Hermes will probably let Sage make the end call on the situation. Though considering how protective Saint can get of people he cares about, I think he’d be pretty wary about the idea of Sage’s interest being genuine.

Summed it up pretty perfectly :sweat_smile:. I can already see Saint watching Apollo warily if he learned that Apollo was going out of his way to interact with the Bearer for some unknown reason.


Which is true. But I’m going to assume that Saint doesn’t know that so he’ll be in for quite a doozy :)) I feel he’ll have to do a double take when he finds out about Avery’s shit list

Saint: Avery, the nice healer, has a shit list? //sudden fear

I’m on the fence for that. On one hand I can totes see the shippers for this calling for it to happen, but then since the Bearer still has to earn Olympus’ trust and what not, I see also a lot of flack coming their way if they get a certain disapproval rating.

[And ofc there will always be the fans that ship themselves with Baeson so the MC is going to have to wrestle with that]

Totally agree on the RO’s reacting and the speculation of the Bearer and Bestower dating though


The real question here is how Hades is going to feel about Aeson, his son, and the MC, a child he (somewhat) helped raise and has seen grown, entering a romantic relationship with him (Aeson).


I was actually wondering about that since I found out Aeson was one of the RO’s. For myself, I’m more interested into seeing Ares’ reaction when he finds out I’m going out with Calypso. :stuck_out_tongue:


Meh. I don’t think he’ll react very strongly. I agree with @Okami-Nora that it is sort of expected for the Bearer and the Bestower to become an item among some of Olympus citizens. So I’m sure Hades is well aware of the possibility.

And about the odd family ties… well, the gods seem to have quite a different view of what family is and what boundaries can be crossed. If Hera can live surrounded by her husband’s bastards I’m sure Hades can adjust to seeing his son and the child he “helped” raise, together. I think it would be strange tho if Hades were still a father option and he was both Aeson and the MC’s father. Now that’s weird territory for me :grimacing:

Actually, in this new update, I sort of got a different vibe from Avery. She’s still friendly and sweet sure but there were quieter moments where she looked… wary? Not dangerous, but definitely not the innocent naive girl I had taken her for before. She definitely has more going on, or at least that’s the impression I got.

Oh man, now that will be hilarious! :joy:


Since the gods provide no genetic material to a demigod, the divine parent doesn’t count for the incest taboo on Olympus.

So even if the MC had been a child of Hades no one would have said boo about them romancing Aeson.

Of course, the MC wasn’t raised on Olympus, so realistically, the MC ought to form their own opinion on the matter, ranging from “Oh, that makes sense” to “You freaks are more twisted than the family from Deliverance.”. In the latter case Avery would be the only viable RO, though.


I always thought in writing, where demigods were concerned, the consensus romancing a demigod who didn’t share your divine parent was OK, because no genetics, but two demigods of the same parentage was a no-no. Because they have to give you something — there’s no way a mortal parent can provide both sets of genes. I thought of as like getting blank genes, so the mortal parent’s took dominance. But, obviously, I don’t know @Rohie has planned.