Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



I adore Calypso too, just in a friendly way - and maybe, in time, in more of a sister way. I love close friendships and I think she is one of those friends that, once you gain their trust, have your back no matter what. My Bearer really needs friends like that.

One of the reasons why I’m kinda hesitant to romance Aeson is her actually. I don’t know how that might affect our relationship with Calypso - and Calypso’s relationship with Aeson. Hopefully, she can forgive us :frowning_face:

Yeah, you’re probably right. Like I said, it has been awhile since I’ve read the old version. But one thing I distinctively remember thinking is how completely hesitant Adonis acted like. I thought it was because he wasn’t that into us but didn’t want to be rude :joy: I never got that jealousy scene, actually, cause I chose him as my dancing partner in that playthrough.

But what I was trying to say (and failed lol I’m sorry, it’s kinda hard to express myself since English isn’t my first language) was that if we don’t flirt with them there’s really no indication that they might have any interest in the Bearer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of the ROs flirt with us first right? And if they see us flirting with someone in front of them they don’t really react unless that person is someone they’re already interested in - like Calypso with Aeson. So that’s why I said I didn’t get the feeling the ROs were attracted to us regardless of our own interest.


the addition of the apollo romance has cleared my skin, my crops are flourishing, my depression is cured. god bless.


Oh my…


Somehow, I always knew I wouldn’t get to keep Daddy Deadest, suspiciously high allure and all. I’ve made my dark, dark peace with it.
What truly aches is the nixed Adonis/Santiago triangle of amore.

But oh!–I am now really, really intrigued by Apollo. That pairing must result in the greatest light show ever.

Error, though. Charming Sage is *selectable_if (Allure <48) rather than (Allure >48).


I’m in mourning, lmfao. I can’t believe Adonis, quintessential thot, finds issue with Bearers tht are like him. Whatever! We should get the option to pin it on Zeus by insisting tht we’re just trying to endear ourselves to him by being as like him as we can manage (less carnage on account of the fact tht we lack the equivalent of a Hera). That should smooth things over when karma inevitably comes to collect TBH.



Adonis is bae.


Matching lace veils, then. If the triangle is there, I’m going to want to try that shape. Far rather two passionate men vying for the Bearer’s forever over the dutiful, strait-laced Aeson practically bending over backwards to be noble and likely not wishing to impede on even a hint of our attraction to Santi? Oh, what could have been…:cry:

Yes, doll!
Maybe he’s intimidated. Maybe he’s been hurt, mayhaps he’s loved and lost greatly, but…who hasn’t? He’s had a few years of active romancing. We’ve had a cumulative thousand, and our romantic past in this young, drifting life hasn’t quite been sunshine and roses.

P.S. Feeling akin to Dame Maggie Smith right now so had to look up thot. :blush:
A thot can still be bae, mais oui?
Still, a thot by any other name would smell as sweet, ergo, Donny shall always be my number one demigod love, no matter how thotless he may or may not be…

If he’s been allowed the attempt to bloom by Aphrodite’s legacy, we should certainly be afforded the option to navigate or even play at continuing Zeus’…well, sans the consent issues and non-humanoid fixations…


Still a big mood of mine :)) like I have yet to hear a plausible enough scenario from those lobbying for Apollo (at least assumed from the current timeline) to at least explain or enlighten me on plot wise how this adds value? Or the purpose of an Apollo romance

Like let’s put aside the possible squick for this for a moment – ymmv on this but imo it’s very up there – as of now from what we know, where are they going to get the time to interract enough to develop a romance naturally? The MC is in school, has the trials, pretty much with the Scooby Gang in their free time trying to clear their name…honestly if Apollo tagged along it would be like “how do you do fellow kids”

Which is why if the Apollo romance is ever going to happen at all, I agree 110% it should be in a past life. It would be infinitely more interesting and Rohie has the sandbox to write it

Like least we can talk about aspects of choice and identity (the MC Apollo loved is not the same MC at the moment vs Aeson and MC who are reincarnated souls who find each other)

We can also talk about grief and loss and conflicted feelings because Apollo loving the past!MC but is looking at the current one and reconciling that they’re here but also not? I mean that’s something I’d find worthy of writing about in terms of character/plot focus

Nah. @Okami-Nora got it down to a tee. Imo he’s one of the more conflicted characters in pursuing a romance with the MC out of personal history – absentee parent in Aphrodite, then finds out how fickle she is when she claims she loves someone/something, and thusly associates love for its shallowness. So yeah :)) romance for Donnie is new and scary for him – he can do lust related stuff (as seen with Gina) – but love?

As for interest, two scenes stand out: one is the dance, as Nora mentioned, and the other where he walks you to your room and sorta leans in but doesn’t kiss the MC (when they are talking about his relationship with Gina/girl he made out with/implied something going on in the previous version) – but again both times, he makes an exit after feelings are made apparent HAHA


Eh… Considering the way his mom swans in and out of his life, I don’t blame Adonis for not wanting an s/o that might do the same. He can’t really choose his mom, but with an s/o, prooobably not what he’s looking for. Plus there’s a difference between cheating on your s/o and just being promiscuous/flirty. I don’t think we’ve gotten any evidence of him doing as such.


Y’all, I was joking. It was nothing but a little jab :~) I love Adonis! I support him in all his endeavours, questionable or not. I understand why Rohie’s taken out the triangle, it makes sense within the context of his character. It’s my Bearer tht’s going to be reigning thot, lmfao.

It’s a look. Ah, I really was excited. If you’re not into Aeson’s ‘consistently puts my own needs last’ thing, the Calypso/Santi triangle is bound to be tres passionate. Calypso doesn’t pull any punches, though, I’d rather be on the receiving end of Aeson’s ire when it boils down to having to commit and my Bearer shrieks in fear (prettily, DUH) and your spurned paramours are least amused by the whole thing.
I don’t think thot and boo have to be mutually exclusive, Adonis does :blush::blush:.

Saint doesn’t think you’re funny, Lavei, and he’d appreciate it if you’d shake your head clear of the lovesick-ness and stop trying to actively show Adonis up, now. Especially with his friends. Particularly with his friends.


Anyone else here decided they were going to romance the Bestower the absolute second his concept is first mentioned in the game? “That’s my other half. The one for me. I love him.”


Not me.

In fact my Damen finds his Mary Sue champion of Olympus persona downright annoying. He even has the Mary Sue color changing eyes!

Which reminds me, anyone else wonder how honest Aeson is with the Scooby Gang with his complete and total contempt for the Olympians?

Calypso for example doesn’t seem like she’d be comfortable with that venom.


Bruh. I have at least 12 files because am planning to romance everyone at least twice – all the ROs are so quality I want to cry

I think Aeson has never been completely and totally honest – let’s face it, his image as Olympus’ champion at the very least would require some kind of deception like I highly doubt all his missions were a complete success (but would need to be seen as such)

As for his contempt for the gods, I feel that perhaps it’s that fact that’s driving him and Cal apart. Cal seems loyal to the system (as seen with her desire to be a Hunter of Artemis) and Aeson seems to want to impact some sort of change

As to what, am not sure


Bringing you updates from the children of the gods tumblr:

Adonis Amour
Strength(s): Strong sense of empathy, kind, open minded, dependable.
Weakness(es): Lack of trust, secretive, indecisive.

Saint Augustine Angelis
Strength(s): Loyal, quick thinker, brave.
Weakness(es): Low motivation, reckless tendencies, gluttony.

Sage S. Cosse
Strength(s): Brave, high motivation, trustworthy.
Weakness(es): Quick tempered, lack of trust, stubborn.

Calypso D. Iman
Strength(s): Loyal, trustworthy, sympathetic.
Weakness(es): Stubborn, shortsighted, prideful.

Avery S. Monroe
Strength(s): Fiercely intelligent, rational, patient.
Weakness(es): Selfish, secretive, vindictive.

Aeson Thantos
Strength(s): Selfless, morally sound, kind.
Weakness(es): Self depreciating, sacrificial, stubborn.

Santiago C. de Vera
Strength(s): Extreme intelligence, honest, tendency to be kind.
Weakness(es): Selfish, manipulative, lack of loyalty, morally gray.
All three somehow, I don’t know, don’t ask me.


Hades had a sense of humor with that last name :blush:


Right, trust absolutely nobody, least of all Aeson and Santi. But then again my mc had already guessed that both Aeson and Santi will sell him out as soon as there is even a minor advantage in it for them.


People with the loyalty trait kinda scares me since i’ve seen different media where it was used as weakness or as a manipulation tactic.


Sage is one that concerns me.


Trustworthy, but doesnt trust…