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At least there’s that answer. Can you elaborate then how you’d imagine the relationship to pan out given the current set up of the story or what you’d expect from having a relationship with a god?


I wonder who we’ll have to fight to the death at the end of the trials? I’m hoping that it won’t be Saint or Calypso.


There will definitely be consequences, as Rohie’s mentioned prior, but it’s too early in the game thus far. I wonder if somebody’s requested a snippet frm one of the love triangles on tumblr, which would probably be indicative of that particular dynamic. Nadira (my Bearer) is entirely aware of wht she’s doing and why she’s doing it so! She has 0 intention of coming through, and she knows how tht’s going to end (poorly! 3 cheers for all consuming resentment and pragmatism lmfao).


Your Bearer sounds delightful.


Neither am I, honestly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. As I said before, it just feels far too awkward to be romancing any of the Gods as the Bearer in their current form. In a past life, I wouldn’t have as many qualms about it, but not as the current Bearer themselves. I’d sooner have preferred to hear that Psyche was a available romance now; at least in her case, it doesn’t feel so odd and it feels like something far more plausible than the Bearer (in their current form) entering a relationship with one of the Gods.

You know, to be perfectly honest, I get the feelings that most of the ROs do experience a small bit of attraction toward the Bearer when first meeting them. A tiny seed of interest in that only really gets nurtured when the Bearer shows a form of interest in them as well and they get a chance to really know what the Bearer is like, yet also a attraction that simply blows off after a while if the Bearer doesn’t seem interested in them that way.

Heck, as crazy as this may sound (and you are all free to call me crazy for saying this), I think even Sage had a momentary interest in the Bearer when she first meets them in her new intro (when she wasn’t aware of who they were). Her actions didn’t really come off as hostile; intense and blunt with a hint of suspicion for sure (I can see why people may have been a little too scared to ask her out in the past :laughing:), but it felt like she was more curious about the new Demigod before her than anything else. And when the Bearer chooses to be charming with her, she starts playing with her hair a bit while continuing the more friendly turn in the conversation; some people with long hair tend to play with when getting a little shy/nervous (sometimes even when they’re being a little flirty, if a good deal of eye contact is made with the other person while they’re doing the action). I fully believe her when she said to the Bearer that she she did enjoy meeting them and think she would’ve genuinely have continued to have a conversation with them (or attempted to one if the Bearer wasn’t as keen on talking with her) had Hermes not come along.

I have to say, Calypso and Sage seem to have been given some new interesting moments. For Sage, we actually get a chance to meet her when she’s at her friendliest with the Bearer, a nice littler tease for what a bond with the girl could be like before the inevitable rage we will be confronted with the day after. For Calypso, we now have Athena arranging this daughter of Ares to give the Bearer chance to use this to have some type of footing against Ares (something Evander is certainly not going to be doing; if he’s going to interact with the girl, it’s going to be for more genuine reasons) and @Rohie has stated that Calypso will likely display a stronger reluctance to admit that she has feelings for the Bearer until her relationship reaches a certain point (well, that she’ll be pretty stubborn about it for a while).


Oh that is adorable. I couldn’t pick the charming option (does anyone know why it was unavailable btw?) so I couldn’t see the little spitfire react like that. And I agree it was great to see a different side of Sage before we, unfortunately, became enemies.

Is this your impression? Because I got the opposite of that! I haven’t read the old stuff recently but I remember I got the feeling most of the ROs didn’t particularly care for us. I tried flirting with Adonis in one playthrough and to say he was indifferent is putting it mildly :laughing: I always thought we would have to work really hard for them to even look at us lol. But I’m glad other people got a different impression. Maybe the female ROs are more into the Bearer at first? Idk.


There seems to be a lot of indifference in choosing Apollo over the other male Gods as an RO.

But let’s be honest. Out of all the male Gods, he’s the most plausible, other than Hermies, to start a Romance with.

Start a Romance with Zeus… Ew? With Posideon? No, especially if he becomes a fatherly option later on again. Hades? Again. No. He has Persephone, plus, he’s like a FATHER to us as well.
Ares would rather gut us than speak with us and Hephaestus has Aphrodite, no matter how much of a cheater she may be in the end. Dionysus would probably rather get drunk than even interact with us. Plus people don’t seem to care much for him anyways.

As for the female Goddesses. Aphrodite seems to hate us just as much as Hera. Demeter is like a grandmotherly/motherly figure. Athena, again, no. And Artemis, who knows.

Out of all of them, the only four likely ones seem like: Apollo, Hermies, Hestia and to a possible extent, but extremely unlikely, Aphrodite. If she felt like starting a fling up with us. But I honestly wouldn’t see her getting attached to us in the least.


Meh, my mc could kill Saint easily enough if it came to that, I mean he’d prefer not to have to kill any of them, but Saxon already experienced what happens if my mc is hounded and pushed into it.
Hope it isn’t Santi, not that my mc couldn’t do it, in that regard the streets of America have been a good but harsh teacher, but he’d regret it cause Santi seems awesome. On the other hand it isn’t as if Santi wouldn’t sell the mc out for something like 20 FakeBook likes either.

Well rivalry romances can be fun. I agree it would be more based on lust than love, but my mc wouldn’t consider that a particularly great downside at the moment.


In all honesty, a quick shag with any of the Gods would probably be a fun time. :wink:


Aeson is just as scheming and corrupt as the rest of them. If he could kill my mc without dying himself, I most certainly believe he wouldn’t hesistate. Particularly since Aeson actually seems to have an inkling of how to harness the essence without, or at least with much less discomfort then it causes the mc. It would also mean all that power is his. So I don’t believe for a second Aeson is as “good” and honest and pure as he pretends to be.
Much like with 'Pollo he hides the darkness inside behind a sickening mask of light, cheerfulness and perfection. Saint has shades of this as well, but he’s less accomplished at it.
It makes my mc sick, at least Ares is refreshingly honest, which is a huge plus. Little to no political scheming.

Different mc’s. My XoR mc tries to be logical and rational and most of all hates wastefulness. Of course that one has his own blind spots as well, with Hector being the most prominent but far from only example.
This mc by contrast is a rather emotional 'murican teenage kid who has just had to survive on the streets while being hunted for the better part of the last three years. Neither of them are the most sane or stable mentally and emotionally but their problems and how that manifests are still vastly different.

That supposes the mc a) lives to that 18th birthday and b) that he can actually control all that power, which is what I really, really doubt. Considering how painful and difficult it already seems to be to control just the tiny sliver we’ve got now.
Potential isn’t any good if you haven’t a clue as to how to even begin to use it. I still think, provided the mc can remain sort of lucid and sane with the constant pain of the essence trying to corrode him from the inside out, it’s going to take hundreds or even thousands of years to even just rival the Gods, let alone surpass them and we know that Zeus in particular is never going to allow the latter.

Yeah, but that one is Aeson and he is or at least seems to be perfect.
But on the physical side alone, Aeson and Saint are taller then he is and actually have the physique of Greek Gods. While my mc is reasonably fit and healthy in the new rewrites, he still lived rough on the streets for the better part of three years and had bigger concerns than sculpting his abs, pecs and biceps to perfection.



Will the MC get to use his or her source powers during the Trials?


Had an amusing thought.

Zeus’s kids are traditionally warriors, the most famous of which is Heracles, known for superhuman strength.

Poseidon’s most famous demigoid would have to Orion the hunter, who walked on water and was the father of a seer.

And Hades was known mostly for sneaking around invisibly.

So warriors, magic users, sneaks, made me ponder what this game would be like if that’s how one takes after their divine parents.

I’m now picturing an MC who keeps sneaking up on people and disappearing in the middle of conversations and whose response to the armor of Achilles is “Why do you want me to wear something so darn shiny?”


Anybody else getting an error if you decide not to make a speech at the end of the ceremony?


What’s the name of rohies tumblr ?


here you go


Also, how do you get the charming option for Sage?


Theseus was Poseidon’s son, I’d say he’s a lot more famous than Orion.


Theseus was Aegeus’ son from when he was possessed by Poseidon.

And Theseus isn’t a constellation, so people who don’t know anything but the most superficial things about Greek Myth have heard of Orion, Orion’s belt is up there with the Big Dipper in terms of fame, I’d say.


@PisceanLover I didn’t killed the seeker and allure was my highest stat I guess (hope it helps!!)
(@Bryce_Kaldwin accidentally replied to your post,sorry :sweat_smile: )


How do you charm Sage?