Children of Iseir Book One: Born under a Blood Moon (WIP) [Update 4/28/24 70K words]

Yeah, I agree. That kind of breaks the immersion if the author forgets to implement something like that. It’s a bit more work, but totally worth it in my opinion. I’ll keep all that in mind going forward. If you notice something obvious in the future scenes where you think it might be cool to include some of that, let me know. Sometimes there are a lot of moving pieces in making something this ambitious you miss the forest for the trees, so to speak.


"Ah, the intricate dance of ambition and detail! But fear not, for I specialize in untangling even the thickest of forests to reveal the grandeur beyond the trees.":moyai::moyai::muscle:


This is so good can’t wait for more :bangbang:


Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed what I have so far. I really hope I can push out the next update this weekend, stay tuned!


:tada: Update 4/28/2024 :tada:

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally pushed the latest update for the story. This update adds three new scenes, several new characters to the growing ensemble, and about 20k words. This update cycle was rough. Work and family stuff really crept in and demanded much more of my time this month. Please let me know your thoughts on the story and the new scenes. If you notice errors, discrepancies, or typos, have story ideas, or want to discuss the story, I am always happy to hear from you. Your words of encouragement and engagement mean the world when trying to create something like this. Thank you all for your patience and your continued support.



!Spoiler for those who haven’t played this game yet! That battle with the children was fierce. :joy: I don’t think I have ever struggled so much in a combat scene before. Wonderful update! :slight_smile:


The wip looks promising. And the stats page is great too. But the story is stuck at the MC’s infants scenes. I wonder when the MC will grow up.


I am imagining its gonna take a while for that, Author seems to opt for detailed story telling, probably angling like the Golden Rose book 1, believe or not those 1.6 million word only for timeline span of 1 week, very detailed and many interaction like beggar interaction, bard, nuns, bishop, nobles, all sort of people and lowlife even.

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Thank you so much, @FroggyTime_567 . I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed it. Your support means a lot!

I appreciate your kind words about the stats page, @Jonathan_Taylor . I plan to enhance it further in future updates. Regarding the MC’s infancy, I completely understand your concern. This stage is designed to lay a solid foundation for character development and to set the scene for future complexities. I’m aiming to balance the early story’s pacing with meaningful character-building moments. Rest assured, the narrative will progress as the MC grows, and the stakes will heighten with their age.

You’re right, @G_Kagara the storytelling is indeed detailed, especially in the first book where I focus on the MC’s upbringing in Brimir’s Step. The narrative spans over a trilogy, with Book 1 concluding around when the MC reaches twenty. I’m committed to creating a richly woven tale that’s worth your time. Your feedback is invaluable in refining the pacing and depth of the story, so please keep it coming!


So far, I’m impressed with the author’s attention to detail and dedication in crafting such a richly detailed story. The portrayal of vibrant characters navigating age-old conflicts of clashing ideals and customs, in a world that feels only partially revealed, truly captivated me and left me wanting for more. Initially, I questioned if this is how parents truly communicate with their children in some of the lore-heavy parts, but the well-written narrative made it easier for me to immerse myself back into the atmosphere.

However, there were moments when I had slight difficulty matching all the names with their owners, figuring out which kids belonged to whom, and discerning everyone’s roles, which required a second for me to recall them all. Including some sort of reminders in the ‘View relationship info’ section could significantly enhance the reading experience. I also acknowledge that coding and updating such a feature can be a chore, so I’ll defer to the author’s judgment on whether these additions are necessary.

Nonetheless, I’m a fiend for character customization, so the array of options and unique personality systems offered here really satisfy my craving. I wish the author all the best in realizing their vision, as I recognize that creating a demo of this quality is no easy task, and I eagerly anticipate its completion.

P/s: More turn-based baby fights, please :baby:


Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate you taking the time to let me know you are enjoying your time in the story world and for leaving such a fantastic feature idea. I fully intend to provide a glossary for the story. It’s already a stat page, but I’ve kept that on the back burner until now. Now that we’ve met several characters, it might be time to start populating that feature.

I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Baby Royale. It was fun to write, and a little levity to go with the sour taste that is Grimar seemed necessary. I’m not sure if we’ll get another opportunity to throw down as an infant, but in my currently scrapped prologue, I had written a much more in-depth and tactical combat system that, while it turned out to provide far too much narrative between rounds, was still challenging and satisfying to play. I’ll rework it in the future and re-introduce that system. Stay tuned!

Also, if you have more ideas for features or thoughts on the story in the future I’d love to hear them.


Okay done with the update as expected its very detailed, I am amused with baby rumble over lolipop it’s pretty challenging battle need couple loading save to pass.

So far it’s very interesting to see world perspective from little one eyes.

So question for author is there going to be special power later? Magic? Gift? Talent?

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the latest update. I’m glad you found the baby rumble amusing and challenging, Bran is one tough baby!

Regarding your question about special powers, I can hint that there’s certainly more to the world than meets the eye. While the story starts in what might seem like a low-magic setting, keep an eye out for unusual occurrences and abilities that seem…odd. The journey of your MC is full of surprises, and their growth will bring new dimensions to their abilities and the world around them.

Stay tuned, and keep those observations coming. It’s thrilling to hear from readers who are piecing together the puzzles of the story!


Ohh I will this choicegame title is on top of my top 10 list even if it’s still in early development, I am looking forward to it.


Hey everyone!

I wanted to pop by and provide a quick update. A couple of weeks ago my computer’s MB or HD crapped out on me, I’m not sure which component it was. The good news is that I saved my WIP files in the cloud, and after finally getting everything set back up, I’m back on the project, the bad news is, for some idiotic reason, I wasn’t saving my character profiles, world-building, timelines, etc (about six months of work and over 200 pages of background info) in the cloud and had all that saved on my hard drive. I’m hoping my motherboard went bad and not the hard drive, but I’m not optimistic. That was a real kick in pants so I hadn’t accomplished much writing in that time. I’m wrapping up the next scene and thankfully still have my handwritten notes for the upcoming scenes that will finish chapter 1 and move your characters into their next stage of life.

Thanks for sticking with me and I’ve learned my lesson, everything gets backed up to the cloud from now on.


Hope it’s ok

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This game have pretty long prologue i think it’s good and bad at same time

Well the author already comment about how they want to tell the story in detailed manner and want to proceed with that style, the choice will slowly shape your character.

Anyway this seems to be the baby part of the game, later will be toddler and other period I assume.

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Hey, @Saf11, thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on my story. I sincerely appreciate it because I aim to make a compelling story that people enjoy. Are there any specifics you can share about what you thought was good and what was bad? If there is something I can do to improve your experience, I’d love to hear it. If there is something you are enjoying, I’ll keep my meddling mitts off of it. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Kind Regards,


Oh, by the way, the prologue has been removed from the story. The story follows your MC and the other villagers of Brimir’s Step as they cope with and live under the thumb of the occupying Altim. Book 1 follows the MC from birth until they emerge as a member of the rebellion opposing the Altim, so this book is something akin to a ‘life simulator.’


Keep up the good fight, Rob!

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