Children of Iseir Book One: Born under a Blood Moon (WIP) [Update 3/31/24 50K words]

No, no, i didnt mean for you to alter what you were doing! Sorry.

I was only engaging so you knew you have an audience wanting to see more of what you planned.


@S_Missions Thank you for saying that! And thank you for trying out what I have, and letting me know what you think.

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@Flakka @jjc73 It’s all good, I really appreciate you dropping the comments. It let’s me know you’ve enjoyed it enough to do so, I appreciate it!


Hey everyone! This is a quick update on the state of the game, as it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been working hard to put together an interactive fight system that I plan on using for certain set-piece fights. The system’s goal is to create a framework to quickly assemble intense and interesting narrative fight scenes that are thematic and capable of crafting hundreds of unique, realistic, gritty, and visceral interactive fight scenes. Each stat serves a purpose in fights, so to be effective, you cannot create a one-trick pony character. As the reader, you will dictate your character’s actions in the fight. Still, the AI will also devise its strategy based on several ever-changing variables and your actions. Numbers will play a backseat role to the narrative, with hundreds of lines of narrative text entertainingly delivering all relevant information. I have most of the foundational systems in place. I’m deep into writing and piecing together the end-of-round narratives. These are trickier as I’m trying to ensure that there is plenty of variety, they are contextual to the actions the PC and AI are taking, and they must seamlessly flow from round to round. I hope to have something for you all to check out soon. Thanks for sticking with me!


Good luck!

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Sounds interesting :eyes: do you have an additional page where we can follow updates?

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Right now, I’m just posting updates here. Once I’ve completed the prologue and written more of the story, I’ll likely start posting on other locations. I must see what other authors are doing because I need to familiarize myself with the other platforms people use to follow WIP.


I wanted to drop another update on the state of the story, as it has been a while. In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on an interactive fight system that would be used for specific set-piece fights. Little did I know that working on the system for a minimum of a couple of hours each day (many more on the weekends) would still be a work in progress a month later. Yikes! I am approaching a point where I can release this monstrosity on the unsuspecting public soon. It’s alive! maniacal cackle I hope you will try it once I do. I’ll write something into the game that will allow those who want to play around with some fights to jump right into a fight. I also want to write a difficulty and sandbox feature into the system that will allow you to boost your character or your opponent to try to test the system more thoroughly.

After releasing this initial fight scene, I plan to jump straight into the main story, bypassing the remainder of the prologue I had planned to write and return to it later. Having to play a character other than the MC turned some of my readers off, and I agree entirely. I’m excited to get this show on the road as well.

Thank you for trying my little yarn, and I’m incredibly excited to tell your epic tale!


New Feature Alert: Interactive Fight Scene System Now Live!

Hey everyone!

I’m super excited to announce a major update to our game – the introduction of an Interactive Fight Scene System! This is a big step forward in making our game more immersive and interactive, offering you thrilling combat experiences and strategic depth.

It’s important to me to be upfront with you all – this system is still a work in progress (WIP). I’m on this journey solo, and your feedback would mean the world to me. I’d love for you to check out the new features on Dashingdon, give it a whirl, and let me know your thoughts. Your insights will be incredibly helpful in refining and improving this new system.

In focusing on delivering the most compelling experience, I’ve decided to put the prologue on hold and jump straight into the Main Storyline and Character Creation. This move is aimed at deepening the game’s core and providing a richer narrative and gameplay experience.

I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your patience and unwavering support. Working on this game as a solo developer has been a challenging yet rewarding journey, and your encouragement has been a vital part of this process.

I’m looking forward to continuing to develop this story with your input and to making our game even better together. Your feedback is what fuels this project and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Thank you for being such an awesome community. Let’s make this game something truly special!
I’m beat! Time to hit the sack and have nightmares of *if statements! :rofl:




It’s always neat when an author trying something new system-wise


@Empress_Nightmare Can I ask, what is the purpose of saying this? To my eyes, the only thing this accomplishes is make the author self-conscious about their work. You didn’t provide any useful feedback at all. All you did was call it trash, albeit in nicer terms, and dip. You even tagged him to ensure that he saw it. That seems needlessly cruel.

Even when he asked you directly for clarification months ago, you still haven’t given it, despite a quick glance at your profile showing me that you’ve been active in the last day. So I ask again, what was the purpose of saying that? To make him feel like shit?

@Robd5822 Forgive me if I cause issues for you. I’m not trying to hijack your thread. I thought about just flagging their post, but you already saw it months ago, so the damage is already done.


Is this about the Æsir/Vanir war between Asgard and Vanaheim? Or are you using those names for other things?

It is not explicitly related to any of the Norse legends. Still, it borrows heavily from them regarding culture, names, etc. The Vanir in the story (which I felt was a cool name) is the name of the people that the MC belongs to. Iseir, the land the Vanir inhabit in the story, is a stolen, chaotic version of Æsir that I felt matched the conventions of the setting.

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So it is still a Vikingesque setting though?

Yes. The Vanir people are a Norse analog with some story-specific changes.


Nice. Love to see more stories with Scandinavian culture. I’m waiting for the day when Diaspora finally releases.

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That story sounds interesting. I love the culture as well. I’ll have to check out Diaspora sometime, it sounds cool.

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What about the Scandinavian culture appeals to you? What appeals to me is that so much of what we know is the shroud of mystery associated with so much of the Viking Age Norse. That is part of the reason I chose to tell this story using them as inspiration. Plenty of material to evoke a particular image but still enough ambiguity to allow for some creative license.


I’m a history and mythology buff. Age of Mythology was the first non-educational video game I ever played, and it has given me a profound love for ancient cultures and myths. I have always been a knights and dragons guy, and my history specialty is the Roman Empire, but I love the Vikings in particular because they had such a brutal and savage, but also weirdly honest way of life. They were from a place where resources were more scarce, so their culture evolved to basically be the best at everything they did in order to survive. They raided and pillaged to survive, the developed advanced farming techniques to grow crops in places where most others couldn’t, they moved wealth and created infrastructure better than I’ve ever seen.

They weren’t gods among men or anything, not in the way the Romans were in terms of sheer advancement, but they were essentially a people whose entire culture persisted on sheer willpower. That is an incredibly fascinating part of history and human evolution.


Absolutely! I’m also a huge history buff and have always been a fan of Roman history. The first game I designed was a fifth-grade project and a direct rip-off of Axis and Allies set in the Mediterranean, focusing on the Roman Empire. Creative Assembly: I thought of it first! But I’ve always been fascinated with the Viking Age. I also learned to appreciate a good underdog story, of which the Norse of the time were. Plus, I respect the audacity of the Vikings to take on some of the most powerful entities of the age and sail off into the unknown.

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