[Chapter 9 Live 02/15/21] (WIP) Interstellar Airgap -- Steal the most secure data in the Universe!

Despite the choice of NOT letting Prof. Alex in on the plan or not, Alex enters and Kelly is out…

I WANT Kelly’s route :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:
So far, my favourite (RO) characters are Kelly and then Alex (they’re an RO, right?)…

WoW, it looks like all the routes are jumbled up and it’s giving me a nasty headache… No offense, I like this story but I don’t like this update at least for now…

It says Alex is in and Kelly is out of the plan/ scheme/ space heist, but in the next scene Kelly is in again?!?

Okay. I’m going back through the code. We are firmly in “Thomas had never seen such a mess” territory. Maybe hold off on playing Chapter 9 if you haven’t already.

I tried it for a chapter or two and I’m just not good at writing that way. I’m looking forward to revising it to be more readable but in the drafts it’s probably going to remain the way it is. I’ll keep trying but it’s much easier to fix in revision than first draft. Thanks for your patience!


I have one complaint: The pages are very short- there’s only a few sentences on each page, are you going to make them longer? I keep having to click “next” over and over.

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It might be fixed! I made some changes but need to test some other things so no guarantees. The code is slightly less spaghetti but i’m bored of debugging and want to go back to writing lol. I’ll go over it again while i’m testing chapter 10. Thank you for reading this useless post.