[Chapter 6 Live 01/25/21] (WIP) Interstellar Airgap -- Steal the most secure data in the Universe!

The author is free to ignore anything I wrote there- I included that because some people may think I am forcing the author to make that change.

I also included that the author could just change the last choice- it is kind of annoying to look at: “I’m attracted to men, women, and nonbinary people.” every single playthrough

That sounds like something you should try :slight_smile:

I’ve updated it to something similar.

Yes, i’ve added an aro option – I’ll have the option to set a flag for ace before there’s any sexual vignettes, implied or otherwise.

I wasn’t aware of the term “skoliosexual” when I woke up this morning and now I am! so it’s nice to learn that.

yep! i should have had a chapter-end flag in there and i didn’t . Should be fixed.

Thanks for all the input, everyone. It’s great to have feedback and hopefully y’all are enjoying the story.


One of my favourite scenes is from Better off Ted, where Veronica is getting grilled by upper management, and she just gives one-word answers, even to questions like “How would you describe your management style?” She just says “Eloquently”

Or from Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda:
“Trance, are you dead or alive?”


This seems really interesting, well done, Op :+1:


No major update until tomorrow, but stats are now functional!

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Ooh that’s awesome @SpokesWriter

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As promised, Chapter 4 is live today! Please play it (if you like) and let me know what you think (if you like!). Chapter 5 will likely be uploaded Tuesday or Wednesday, but might be as early as tomorrow if I didn’t break a lot of stuff in Chapter 4.

For the content-aware out there, there is now the option to opt-in to a light sexual encounter. Not very explicit or anything! Thank you for your time!


Oi @SpokesWriter

I thought you removed or changed these flirting with the cop choices, flirting with the guy in Female and/or Non-Binary only
(absolutely no Male) option is creepy tbh…

And it’s already almost past chapter 4 and there are STILL no stats (at least no working stats)…

I think it’s fine the way it is – With Charisma as a stat I think it’s reasonable to exercise it there regardless of attraction. If that’s not something your character would do, one of the other options should cover it


OK, then what 'bout this?!?

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That I could definitely phrase differently, good call—I’ll fix next time I update

(And the other typo as well! Thank you!)

Lol :joy_cat::smile_cat::roll_eyes: @SpokesWriter I’m pretty sure you’re definitely irritated of me by now cause of me constantly doing this. But trust me if I’m irritating coming with every small stupid detail then that means I like it a lot…

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I really appreciate it!

And with that said, Chapter 5 is live! Time to meet two new characters! It’s very linear and not particularly long, so it felt unfair to make people wait too long for it. Chapter 6 is much more robust and branching, so I’d estimate… Friday? for me to have the draft converted into something readable.

Thanks for reading, everybody! Open to criticism and critique, as usual :slight_smile:


Oi @SpokesWriter

This is Duke’s route… (fortunately no flirting anywhere)…BUT

Janelle is there right after Duke saying goodnight… There’s no Duke route from here onwards…

Lol went back to chapter 4 just to check if everything’s right and found this…

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Lol are these two criminals that are being sent to space jail or are they waiting for a private space trip?!?

No guards or security?!? And why the hells would criminals go on their own to the space shuttle to be sent off to a space jail and on correct time?!? That’s a bit out of sense thing imo…

Everything’s stellar except for the mentioned errors…:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:

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fixed, i think! This was a weird one.

This is a good point. I’m working through the entire draft before I really nail down the feeling and the background of the set pieces, but I agree that it kind of feels… inauthentic? low-stakes?

It’s definitely not finalized at this point and I’ll be reworking it chapter by chapter once the draft’s done.

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Oh devils, lol I’m glad that you agree… No criminal would willingly (even if MC plans everything to go to the space jail) go to get thrown in a space jail by a creepy gaint cooperate style super-nation to be worked like a slave imo…

Yeah, I think the main plot thread is fine but certain things don’t add up and some of the character motivations don’t mesh. I’m optimistic that it’ll clear up with a reasonable amount of rewrite