Chaos Walking trilogy


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“so I know this is sort of off topic but I started reading the first book of the series of Chaos Walking, I’m actually waiting for the book to come in at the library but I’m reading a sample of it on my tablet, & I love it so far! Very interesting!”

I’ve made this new thread. Basically, Chaos Walking is my favorite novel series of all time; it even beats Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. It’s dystopia and post apocalyptic with a hint of science fiction.

The characters are three dimensional and brilliant, the plot is amazing and heart wrenching, and there are so many brutal realities. The series addresses religion, genocide, slavery, sexism, mysogyny, and love in a way that’s completely unique and compelling, and at the same time, it’s still appropriate for young adults.

I highly recommend you check out the first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go.


@Samuel_H_Young yeah thats what I plan on doing :slight_smile:


I’ve never read that series, but it looks good. I’ll finish A Song of Ice and Fire then I will read it. Think GRRM will ever let CoG do a ASOIF gamebook? If that ever happens, I will be completed.



I don’t think they would :stuck_out_tongue: even if they did give someone permission, I don’t think CoG would host it.


I LOVE this trilogy, seriously, the character development of Toddy-Boy and Viola just feels so real. It’s one of my favourites!


Awesome :slight_smile: who’s your favorite character? Mine’s easily Manchee


Personally I like the Mayor the most. Sure he’s the main villain, sure he kicks the dog a lot, sure he’s a xenophobic asshat, but he’s a complex diverse character that- while he initially doesn’t inspire sympathy- essentially made the story what it was.

That and the excellent use of noise, otomotopea something.


I hate Mayor Prentis, but he’s a brilliant character. He’s charismatic and cunning, and he’s one of the best villains because you can’t help but admire him.


I wish more villains were like him, instead we get idiots whose greatest enemy isn’t their enemies but themselves.


@Samuel_H_Young I seriously cant wait to start reading it :slight_smile:


I’m proud of myself for creating another Chaos Walker :wink:


I’ve read the first two books. The writing is excellent–it has both style and substance. Don’t know why I haven’t picked up the third one yet.


It’s an amazing climax and just as brilliant as the others!


@Samuel_H_Young I love the chaos walking trilogy, probably finishing them all within 3 or 4 days!

My favorite character is probably the mayor’s son (I can’t think of his name right now) because he is perfect at demonstrating how much of a difference a single person can make in another’s life in a positive way. He also lead to a lot of entertaining dialogue with Todd in the The Ask and the Answer. I couldn’t believe it when I found myself getting attached to him at the end.


I absolutely detested Davy for nearly the entire time. He was a sadist and an idiot. But,


when he began to change, I actually started to like him. It was both an insanely clever plot instrument and a horrible tragedy that Mayor Prentis killed him just as Todd had begun to chsnge him into a better person.



@Samuel_H_Young, I was DEVASTATED when what happened to Davy happened. I also hated him but his development as a character was fantastic.

I finished the second book last year. I should start on the second one when I finish the book I’m currently reading.

My favorite character is Viola, of course.


I like Viola and Todd, but I can’t agree with how they’d commit genocide to save one another. Manchee is easily my favorite


Davy was indeed a favourite of mine, he was a bad-guy but had reason to be, he wanted Prentiss Town to prosper despite knowing that it was wrong. Because deep down he had loved his father. I love him, superbly written character.

Aarron however, was crazy with a capital ‘C’.

And as for ‘I am the circle and the circle is me’, that phrase creeped me out, the fact that it was stuck in my head drove me mad!


Yeah every character was amazingly written. Patrick Ness is a genius.

I thought it was crazy how he was super human. I wonder how he got to that state?


@Samuel_H_Young its so hard not to read the spoilers on here lol but I ordered the triology but it wont be coming for awhile :((