Changing Username question


Hey guys jw is there a way to change your username for the forum profile because when I go to edit it i can change my email but the name is greyed out is there a way to get this changed or if you w a new name do you have to make a new account?

Thanks guys Ausar

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I don’t think it’s possible. Jason might be able to do it, it’s not possible from my permissions level though. The easiest way would be to just make a new account with the name you want.


Ok thanks @fairygodfeather i might at some point


Yeah I used to be DJ_CUTY and then I made a new account named Samuel_H_Young and the transition was easy and I had no complications with people not knowing who I am or anything. I’d suggest using the same profile picture, too.


Okay that’s might what I do


What about your threads do you have to create a brand new thread or can you carry one your old one?


It looks like I can change usernames. Just don’t ask me to do it more than once.


Oh okay thanks Jason


Half of the forum is going to ask jason now :l


Sorry porter it’s just that I use a lot of accounts and it hard to keep track on then all and remember them, this account is to important to forget

Sorry I understand


Im just going to stick with my very annoying name to type (when you want to do @P0RT3R) :3