Changing a variables name, but not the value

I want to be able to change a numeric variables (or any variables) name, but not the value.
Why need this?

As im progressing with the story, i dont want to find names for the places or characters and thats a different work which i will be deciding later on. I want to just put something like this and then when i decide on the name, i want to just change the variables name.

"Officer ${officers_name}, wants to see you in his room." said employee and walked away.

In this case, i can perfectly change it to whatever i want because what im changing is the string, not the numeric value. But for numeric variables its different.

    #You find him attractive.
        *set John +20
        *goto nextlabel
    #You find him annoying
        *set John -20
        *goto nextlabel

What if i want to keep John’s values but change John’s name? I’ve been thinking about this lately and couldn’t find a way. Thanks for any help :blush:

“officers_name” and “john” already are two variables.
“John” is simply a numeric variable in this case.

Like you could have

percent john $!{officer_name}

In the stats and it’d read
Alistair 25%

If the officer_name variable is set to Alistair:

*set officer_name "Alistair"

I’d recommend renaming the ‘john’ variable to ‘officer’ or ‘officer_rel’ or something.

Also as someone said before: you dont need to open a new thread for each question. There a thread called
Noob coding
Around, you can post there :3

Ok then hope someone moves this there and i will keep my questions there from now on. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Most welcome. :smile:

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