Changes to the Apple Store


With the release of Apple’s newest operating system, there will be changes made to the Apple Store. These changes should be of interest to everyone here writing a CS game.

Here is a news story detailing everything: Rueter’s Article

For those wanting a summary, here are a couple of important changes that will directly affect you:


What this means to us, is that if we use the additional space wisely, we should be able to increase our sales.

Perhaps @RETowers or another CoG staff member can help us understand the full impact on Hosted or CoG published games?


Functionally, we won’t be changing much, because iOS hasn’t actually given us much to change. The store redesign is mostly them moving around assets and making some of them bigger (most notably, the icon art is a lot more prominent now). iTunes is very prescriptive about what we submit, and we’re allowed very little wiggle room. Them giving “more room” to developers is, well, nothing in the assets we submit have changed. (Maybe it has for bigger developers, but if that’s true, we haven’t see anything different because of it.)

The most notable thing for authors is that I may specifically ask for a short bulleted point list on updates, especially one that’s natural sounding and descriptive of game elements, because the “What’s new” is much more prominent now, and will be one of the first things people see. (I may also write a better sounding template description for it for when authors send me a bunch of minor tweaks.)

Secondarily we may add a new 30(ish) character genre description for text assets. (We’re still working on what it means for CoG, so we’ll probably have a better idea of what we’ll want for HG once we’ve looked into that a little more.)


This is slightly off-topic, but I had been meaning to ask it and didn’t feel it merited a new thread: do CoG/HG games have the ability to be classified in iOS genres other than Role-Playing? One idea I have for a HG title would probably fit better in another category.