Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)



Completely forgot about it :blush:


Jeez, I didn’t even realize that it was THAT long ago since the last update/since the last time I played CinR…

Actually, I sort of forgot that this game even existed, but it is still one of my favorites on CoG. It’s nice to have you back (Not that I’ve ever even used the forums before, but I’m still allowed to say that.)


Of course I still remember Touya! :heart_eyes:

(And Discourse is already telling me I’ve posted too much here… :sweat:)


@Ros_e Never forgot about them just hope that they be back


Welcome back! Excited to return to this story!


:open_mouth: …!! Oh boy, sooo ready! *starts doing 50 playthrough of the games again*
(Goes on to do 50 playthroughs of Y U G E N afterwards too :^] )

Welcome back :relaxed:


Touya kind of reminds me of Theo from P3P


Yeah… trying to replay for a refresh and uh I don’t know the answer to the puddle.


Ah wait never Mind bfjfiekek


If I remember correctly i think it was Ice?


Welcome Back!!
this is the best birthday gift!! EVER!!


I’ve never forgotten about this piece, my dear :hugs: Tsubasa :heart_eyes:


ahh yes, my Yugen MC is still waiting for the chance to eradicate the empire :man_cook:
after all, it is hard to forget all the unfortunate things that happened to him. :ghost:



:tada::boom: Happy Birthday @Curious_Boy :boom::tada:

My top WIPs as of right now

Going through my manuscripts, I forgot where I left off here. xD Does any of you remember the ending for the demo?

I have so many backup versions, even I forgot which was which.


I’m pretty sure the demo ended with the MC grabbing dinner with one of the ROs after moving into their new dorm.


Yeah, the dinner scene is the last thing I remember, too. :thinking:


Thanks guys! That helped lots~

I’ve been thinking of abolishing the many extras components, like the part-time job and extracurricular activities. It doesn’t leave an impact on the readers or have any substantial meaning to the over roll story line.

Do you guys feel the same way? Or was it a nice bonus? When I went through it, it felt a little jarring and disconnected.


Same-o it ended when the spontaneous ‘date’ ended


but i like those extras :sweat:… just like you said before (which is more or less something like this : “they also had their normal and school life beside figthing the whimps and all”)