Casper Caldera [WIP]


When you return home after the summer, you don’t expect for the first thing you’re notified about is the sudden disappearance of your camp friend, Nicole. The last remnant of her exists in a picture of her staring out into the fogged basin of Casper. Until three months after the frenzy of her absence, there’s a postcard in the mailbox for you. Her signature haunts the back of the cheesy cardstock. It said your name, curved in that same withering tone she carried towards gossip and other trivialities she felt were serious.

The idea that she’s dead has been buried in your thoughts for so long that it’s simply rationalized as late postage and you keep silent. It seems to be a mistake as in the summer of 2005, she stands before you—untouched save for a new scar that runs along the left half of her face.

Within the turmoil of ownership changes and the realization that Nicole may be a ghost after all, you must be forcible tossed into a rescue mission to find the girl you once knew. Be careful not to dig too deep, trouble never bodes well for people like you. Nicole learned that well enough.


  • Customize the protagonist’s appearance and personality.
  • Untangle the ties that bind you.
  • Romance one of four strange weirdo freaks.
  • Work on your skills and be the best cowboy you can be.
  • You are the same as her whether you want to be or not.

Demo (In Progress)


Update 2023: Halfway through prologue.

Latest Update
  • Meet Irving
  • Come across the representatives for the new owners, Minuit Land Investment Corp
  • Share silly bands
    *Decide your feeling on the camp and the Domicile


A new counselor, Tatum is more of an overqualified farm hand than anything. Younger campers are attracted to his effortless charisma and attentive demeanor. With unrivaled patience, he’s been pitted with most of the grunt work and has been strangely accepting of it. He’s dumb on purpose, inviting out anyone to aid his trivial tasks and placating consistent time-wasting with aimless chatter. No one is immune to his inviting presence and there’s something plaguing his pearly smile—unravel it.


Irving’s what most would call a veteran, most of his childhood summers have been tracing over the grooves in Casper and committing them to memory. A true Marlboro Man who takes to the range like he was born for the silver screen. He’s poised, assertive, spry; but there’s something so polished about his persona. He’s the only one to have put down an animal too far gone and pulls the trigger with pristine posture. If it means anything, he says practice makes perfect.


The only one you know outside of Casper, you used to attend high school with Heather. An ivy league equestrian champion— she’s been complimented on traits such as being private, emphatic, and tenacious. A proclaimed geology major, she speaks about Casper with admiration as if she is eroding alongside it. She harbors an odd fascination with the caldera, pressing her palm against the water and watching her skin curl alongside the steam. Refusing aid and coddling the wound, as if she needs to understand its pain.


Camp favorite, Rocío is aware of their responsibilities most of the time. Managing to captivate crowds with their overly audacious and nonchalant nature. They’re assured in their return every year, amassing skills from pure talent that can’t be taught. With all due respect, they’ve made avoiding their errands into another burden within itself. Slinking behind tree lines and returning hours after, they have more secrets tucked underneath their tongue than rumors can accurately describe. They could look you in the eyes and piece together the outline of you.


Like the story so far. Seems like a good mystery that has built up. Almost seems we are going to look for a portal of dom sorts. All in all, very interesting story you have.

Found this bug after trying to look at stats after taking the gift from Irving

should be all fixed now!

thanks! ive never played portal of doom before but it kinda does share similarities with the vibe im trying to establish.

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Please make Nicole be a ro I want to see how the story goes in her route

i was definitely considering it but there’s gonna be factors in her arc that prevent me from having her be a ro while also doing what i want with her character.

there will be an option to decide how you felt about her tho!! where you can pick if you were just friends, had a crush, or were in love with her. it does lead to dialogue and conversations about it with nicole and these feelings can affect other routes as well.

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