Captive of Fortune - Volume Two of Demons Among Men: OPEN BETA TESTING!


I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally finished Trial of the Demon Hunter’s sequel :D! Now I just need to have it beta tested to make sure it’s the highest quality before I submit it to CoG. Mainly, I’d just like to hear about any typos or continuity errors you encounter. However, I’m open to any other suggestions you may have; I’d love to hear them! Specifically, I’m also looking for:

1.) Suggestions for more achievements. Right now, I have 2, but I want 9.

2.) Weeding out excessive purple prose. I like to write detailed passages, but I acknowledge that many of them are too florid. Recently, I’ve begun to tone my writing level down a little, but many of this was written when I hadn’t done so.

3.)Before encountering the ogre, I want to make a little dangerous scene where you have to pass an obstacle. However, I want your boggart to be HEAVILY involved, but at the same time I want there to be choices. As of now, I’m stumped on what to do. @poison_mara gave me some good suggestions based off my old idea of a magical boulder field, but I decided I’d toss that idea since it was too close to the geyser field in book one. I’d also like for this to be like a puzzle

Having said that, I welcome anyone who gives me feedback on here :slight_smile: specifically, I’d love to hear from @poison_mara and @DSeg and @Shoelip

Here’s the link :slight_smile: enjoy!


bandits line 1360: Non-existent variable ‘over’


Fixed :slight_smile:


I died while fighting the bandits but I didn’t even take a hit from them. Also I name my bogart Valintine but he got called another name in the game right here.
Beckham nods hurriedly and stealthily slips into the cover of the trees beside you. Silently, he makes his way over to the archer, who yawns lazily; she’s clearly not paying attention to her surroundings. Completely unaware, the outlaw only notices your companion when he nears her.


How’d you die?

And thanks for pointing out the error I’ll fix it shortly.


@Samuel_H_Young, the link took me to Book 1.


Don’t worry, it’s book 2. The title just says TotDH because I have to have book 2 linked to the same files as book 1. CoG deals with splitting them into different apps :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed the error on your boggart’s name.


Also, after I reported the bug I restarted the game and quickly chose some stats and before I picked a name for my boggart I clicked the show stats button, got some error (sorry, didn’t write it down) and after restarting again I suddenly was thrown into the first game. Now I have to decide what to do with the goblin that appears at the beginning.


It didn’t say after I fought the spearman it said I took to many injuryies of which I had none and said I died. Yea same here it took me to book one.


Yeah I’m fighting that darn goblin again. Maybe I will kill her this time.


@CabelleroDeAndromeda and @vampierkid222 and @HornHeadFan
Sorry about that! The error’s fixed now.


Error: bandits line 1117: label ‘potions’ already defined on line 194


Oh wow! That was fast. I can’t really get too into it right now, but I found a typo.
“Nodding rapidly, the assassins hungrily eyes the piece of bread. and cheese.”
There’s an extra period.


FUUUU. Sorry, there are a lot of funny errors going around. It looks like I uploaded an old version. Hold on a sec and I’ll make a whole new link


That’s from the first book :confused: hold on a sec, my files are messing up.


Can’t wait to play


The files messing up really took me out of the game.


REALLY sorry, everyone. I accidentally uploaded the old files. Here’s a new link that’s passed quicktest.

@jasonstevanhill @CJW @FairyGodfeather @JimD @Reaperoa
Would a moderator switch the link on my first post to this link right here? thank you!


Error 1667 conflicting something when I choose to use gnawing frost


I don’t know what’s happening :frowning: it passed quick test and I was able to play it fine