Captain America 3: Civil War [SPOILERS]


I just watched the film today since it was released today in the UK. But I was wondering if anyone else has seen it yet, and if they have, what they thought of it? :smiley:


I have! Last April 28th, actually, a day after it premiered in the Philippines. I’ve read bits and pieces of the original comics that it was based on, and I’m quite content on how the plot was adapted into a movie. Even without a Superhero Legistlation Act and most of the Marvel family, it was still Civil War. Less flashier and awesome than the comics, but still Civil War. Kept rooting for Cap cuz it’s his movie, but I could understand why some are Team Iron Man. I was actually Team Iron Man when I read the comics, but switched to Captain America for the movie. But it still broke my heart a bit to see my two favorite bros fight…:cry:

And to be honest, I just wish Dawn of Justice was as good as this one, but, well…

Plus, I was quite peeved on how few people stayed in the theater for the last stinger. It’s a Marvel film, there are always stingers at the end!


Is it weird that I was Team Cap all the way? I could definitely see where Tony was coming from and I certainly felt for him but Cap and Bucky’s friendship was just too strong for me. I loved Spidey and Black Panther’s characters, thought they were fleshed out well despite their own movies having yet to come (you did stay for the final after credits scene, right? xD)
I was also happy with the amount of screen time Scott received too and I loved that they were developing Wanda and Vision’s relationship. All in all I honestly feel it’s Marvel’s best (and also funniest) film yet.

Which would you say was the funniest scene though?


No, it’s not weird at all. Everyone in my family were sided with Tony and I was the only one with Steve. Although I’m technically a double agent, siding with Tony in the comics then moving to Cap. And yes, Steve and Bucky are the ultimate bros of all bros. Friendship goalsss.

My favorite scenes are the ones with Spidey and Antman. They’re fanboying over their idols, you know. I would totally fangirl when given the chance to meet the Avengers :smile: And I have a feeling that Wanda and Vision’s relationship would be better than their relationship in the comics…

Even though it’s not a Disney-Marvel movie, Deadpool is still the funniest Marvel movie, in my opinion. But if you don’t count that, then it’s Guardians of the Galaxy. As for the best Marvel movie, I can’t decide between this and Winter Soldier, really.


Man you guys are lucky, I still gotta wait 8 or so more days :disappointed:


I was more of a Cap guy within the comics, and I do think I’m going to stay that way for the movie- this is his movie more than Tony’s, after all.


I think its just an entire marvel universe thing, since you have Captain America, Iron man, Vision, scarlet witch, Black widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, War-machine, black panther and apparently spider-man making it a marvel universe affair.


I was always a Team Cap supporter but I get where Team Iron Man comes from

And I loved seeing all the characters mix with each other ,like a Avengers 3
plus all the new guys were brilliant

Does anyone find it weird that Caps going after Sharon Cater he’s like 50 years older then her and could have been her uncle with Peggy ,I got and Edward from Twilight Vibe


Yeah, I saw it.

I mean, idealistically I was with Cap the entire movie, but when I learned about Tony’s parents, then I honestly hoped that Tony would win just out of a sheer sense of revenge. I mean, I know Cap and Bucky are childhood friends (who I totally ship) but I think Stark was justified from that moment on. I also loved Romanov’s disappearance; that’s going to be fun in the future.


I love comics, and this was a great comic book film: it might even be the best out of the MCU. Leaving the cinema all I wanted to do was see it again.

I loved everything about this film, especially the directing by Anthony and Joe Russo (who have done a lot of directing on two of my favourite T.V. shows, Community and Arrested Develpoment), the fight scene near the end was beautiful and I can’t stop thinking about it.

The writing was also great, I was worried they were going to mess up Ant-Man but, thankfully, they did an awesome job. They also really improved on Hawkeye’s character from the previous films. I feel like he was under-utilised and nothing like his comic book self. However, in Civil War, I think he’s a more faithful adaptation. One problem I did have was that the Scarlet Witch didn’t really have much to do and just seemed a bit… Unneeded.

And then, of course, the acting. Absolutely superb. Loved Robert Downey Jr. as always, you could definitely feel his anger towards Bucky. Falcon and Bucky’s rivalry was funny and the two had great chemistry. Paul Rudd is great and I loved seeing him reprise his role as Ant-Man. The choice for Black Panther was great. And, overall it was just filled with very talented actors who really made me believe they WERE the characters they were playing (I absolutely love when that happens). But, one actor really surprised me.

Tom Holland. He really seemed like he jumped right out of a comic and WAS Peter Parker. When I first heard about Spider-Man coming to the MCU I felt two things: happy that I finally get to see Spidey with all my favourite Marvel characters and annoyance that he was rebooted again. That’s two reboots in less than twenty years. But, I think it’s worth it, because they’ve finally found the perfect Spider-Man (besides Donald Glover who I still think should be Spidey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I love Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, he’s the one I watched when I was a kid (and still do now), he was a great Peter Parker and he was also a pretty good Spider-Man. Then Andrew Garfield got the role and, while I didn’t like him as Peter Parker that much, he was an amazing (excuse the pun) Spider-Man. But, not one actor has played both Peter Parker and Spider-Man to perfection: until now. Holland is spectacular (excuse the pun again) as both and I can’t wait for his solo film. Also, thank God they didn’t show his origin story again, that gives this film extra points.

Civil War is fantastic, and I’m gonna go see it again at least once before it comes out on DVD. And, since this accidentally became a review (lmfao) I’m gonna rate it 8.5/10.


Unlike most people I don’t buy the idea that it will be Cap that is on the anti-registration side. The story really cannot be about unmasking like it was in the comics because there are almost no secret ids in the MCU. What it will be about is government control and oversight.

In the comics Cap had decades of heros protecting people and doing it right. Then some young heros screw up and suddenly all the good is just forgotten? Added to that was all the people who did indeed have secret ids and families to protect. None of that exists in the MCU. The Avengers saved the planet in the first movie and then Tony, acting on his own, almost destroyed it. The Avengers are 1 and 1.

And sure things went bad with SHIELD but Steve grew up in a time when people trusted the government and deep down he still believes in this country and the people in it.

“In the Civil War comics, Tony Stark actually made himself the
face of the Superhero Registration Act, feeling an immense guilt for the
lives lost due to the recklessness of powered individuals.”


I loved it, it obviously downplayed A LOT of events that happened in the comics, especially the ending, which I hope they’ll do in Civil War 2 if there’ll ever be another but even if they kept this ending it wouldn’t bother me at all. I had a lot of conflicting feelings as Cap and Tony fought though(spoiler? Maybe?)

Also, when I heard that Scarlet Witch and Vision were going to have some sort of romance going on I thought it’d be rushed like a lot of movies like to do but I’m glad Marvel didn’t go in that direction. I don’t think this is spoilery since the actor herself said that Vision and her were going to have something going on in her interview.

It also bothers me that people compare it to BvS which is really unfair, considering that Marvel had two other Avenger movies to flesh out the relationships between the characters. Another thing that bothers me is how Spiderman and Antman were just kind of thrown in there, am I the only one that felt like those two were just thrown into the script? I can sort of kind of understand how Spiderman gets thrown into the mix but Antman…I don’t know.

NOW SPIDERMAN! Spiderman was amazing, I can not wait for his standalone film, the banter with him versus everyone else was just downright entertaining.
Black Panther was also amazing, he was very close to the comic book version: fast and strong.

[[EDIT]]: Just remembered that Antman and Falcon fought in Antman’s standalone so I guess that explains how he enters the picture.


Agreed, in the comic theres was much more than just governement control. For example: Spiderman wasn’t all for it because he had his girl and aunt to protect, if you unmasked him then they’d be in danger. I honestly forgot which side he was on at first but I do remember changing sides, just don’t exactly know if he was Team Cap or Team Iron first.
In the movie adaption its literally about government control and supervision, everyone knew who Team Ironman were, with/without their getups and everyone knew Team Cap. The only person who had a secret identity is Spiderman and Black Panther (sorta).

But, I did like how Marvel handled the story, since they’re didn’t have this huge roster of heroes and villians at their disposal they made something new.


Sorry I should’ve added “Spoilers” to the thread’s title from the outset.

If you’re talking about it, you’re welcome to go as in depth as you’d like :b


I don’t see how it’s unfair to compare Civil War to BvS, it’s the studios own fault they didn’t have fleshed out characters. They’re trying to create a film universe like Marvel but the problem is they’re trying to catch up with Marvel by throwing all of their characters into one film, when they should be interweaving them slowly throughout each character’s solo films.

And, since we’re talking about the comics, I really liked them. I find the superhero registration plot really interesting and I was disappointed to hear that wasn’t going to be in the film, but, even though it wasn’t I still found the conflict between the characters held my interest.

By the way, Spider-Man starts of with Iron Man then changes sides to Cap in the comics :slight_smile:


Captain American: Civil War should have only lasted 5 minutes, and that’s only because the Vision gave Captain America’s team a 4 minute head-start.


Don’t get me wrong, I fully agree with you on that. They should’ve started slow and fleshed out their characters but from a competition/money making standpoint I understand where DC is coming from, they have to play catch up or they’ll lose in the popularity competition and people will lose faith in them like people lost faith in a Fantastic Four film.

Yeah, I always wondered how Marvel would handle this story, which they did very well, but I’ll admit that the comic was way better.

Okay, I figured he went to Team Cap in the end but I wasn’t sure, that was when he went from the multi-limbed spider to the his black costume right?

@Packet Considering that Scarlet Witch could essentially control Vision (for how long I’m not sure) he’d have a tough time trying to end it quickly.


That’s the joke.

A super-advanced sentient-AI stuffed in a super-empowered vibranium-enriched body with the ability to affect its (his) own density and tangibility, coupled with super-human strength, reflexes, and speed (and, possibly, the ability to process information faster than any known super-computer.) and vaporizing forehead beams would probably steam-roll his fellow, less empowered, superheros.

Also, he’s holding an Infinity Gem. (Technically, it’s lodged in his skull.)

To be honest, I’d joke around about Scarlet Witch not massacring everyone else in mere moments.

C’mon! The woman can tear vibranium apart with her mind!


She’s still new to her powers, she wasn’t born with them, so she’s still learning. Just like what Vision stated in the movie about Scarlet. We can see her struggling, or perhaps, concentrating really hard with multiple objects, also with big objects she needs to put all of her focus into it as shown at the airport when the Control Tower is crumbling down.


I presumed that she was merely struggling to keep her powers in check, but okaaaaaay.