Can't remember this game


There’s a game I was thinking about some time ago (not a CoG or anything) that I can’t remember the name of… I was hoping that one of you guys could help me put my finger on it. (Haven’t actually played it, but saw part of a playthrough). It was an online (I think) cartoony looking one player zombie game, where the three people you can play as are an American, Russian, and I think German soldier. It isn’t 3d or any thing, in fact I think you can only go side-side, possibly jump and climb ladders. From what I saw, you start off in a forest, and have a little fort or something that you turn on the generator to, and by day you explore, and by night you hold off zombies from your fort… Can’t put my tongue on it, it’s on the tip of my finger… Or vice versa.


Try skimming through and see if it’s any games there? Is that the sort of game you’re speaking about?


Well, after consulting the Google, the game you’re thinking of is Deadly 30 by Gonzossm.


Hey! Zed! Anyone? Can you find a game for me? I’ve failed miserably to find it.

It’s a very basic, browser game. No graphics, (or very limited ones) just text. It plays like an extremely basic sim. You’re the captain of a spaceship and you have five crew members, including a counsellor, an engineer, a security guard and a doctor. (I think.) And another fighter type.

Each crew member has 4 stats. Psychic. Engineering/Technical. A combat one and something else. Maybe. Or maybe the combat’s one for shooting, one for punching. Can’t remember.

You can assign each crew member to one of four tasks. Primary Mission, Secondary Mission, Shore Leave, and building gear which will boost stats. Each completed mission earns you points and can raise a crew member’s stat. Shore leave makes people happier and is needed to romance them.

You have a set period of time before a super-important mission. In that time you need to complete as many missions as possible, get your crew’s stats high, keep them happy, and try and romance them all. Once you get them to the maximum amount of hearts (10 I think) it stays locked and you can move onto the next crew-mate.

The dating section seemed a simple spoof on Mass Effect. There was a guy with sandpaper skin, a robot, and… no, can’t remember. Alien lifeforms at least. I don’t think it’s interactive but they were at least all different.

By the time of your final mission, if you’ve not earned enough points, and slept with everyone, all your crew die and it’s time for you to start again.

Can anyone help me find this game?


Sounds like the game “Love interest”:


YAY!!! Thanks Nasdaxow! You won’t believe how long I’ve been looking for that game. :slight_smile:


@Zed, that’s what it is, thanks!


I legitimately thought you were trolling with that request.
But then it turned out to be a real game.


@Zed Oh no! I don’t troll. :slight_smile: I was curious since I stumbled upon it ages ago, and I’ve mentioned it in a few places but could never find the link again. I think that something in a similar style could be translated into Choicescript. I thought it was such a clever concept.

I’m amazed it was found since I got an awful lot of details wrong.


Speaking of only text, no graphics… You guys should play Zork. That has to be the hardest fricking game I’ve ever played. Even harder than Roguelike games such as rogue, nethack, and smash em


Good old Zork. If Cave of Time is one grandparent of CoG, Zork is surely the other…


I don’t know how long I’ve spent playing zork. But I’m pretty sure half of it has been spent trying to get out of the maze while youre underground.


I have played Zork a lot; I’m not proud to say that on my first try I got eaten by a grue!


zork lol i was horrible in that game the cave of time was more easy though. I never end zork sadly there are android version but that maze. You know how could be great, the old legends of grafic adventures turned in cog… imagine Monkey island or Leisure suit Larry in a Cog or King quest saga that could be a hell blockbusters Cogs


An individual has four grandparents, right?

Zork, Cave of Time, Alter Ego…and D&D?


Sounds right to me.




Port3r thats exactly what I was thinking


Kids, kids. Google is your friend:

Try it online here.

Edit: if you were around when eposic was working on his game last year, it has something of a similar feel. (The game is no longer up on the link, I just put it there as a reminder).


@P0RT3R there are free versions of both the time cave and Zork play them lol there are input words games

ninjad by havestone