Can't get into the forum


When i try to get in the forum via the CoG site the link doesn’t work ?!
Does anyone else has this too :-?

#2 - So by accessing this link the forum doesn’t work? If so, it happens to me as well.


Then it works but when i go to and press the link FORUM it doesn’t work


something is seriously messed up with the forums…THEY ARE HUNTED!!!
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Ya been happening to me i have to go on through my history


i now anyways just wondering who is the guy/girl who made this website???


I know jason is cofounder


who is the main though


I dont know who the other cofounder is, dan fabulich maybe?


There is no ‘main’ - It’s an even partnership as far as I’m aware.

Adam Morse, Dan Fabulich, Jason and Heather Albano.

Dan “probably” made the website frontend, the forums are based on a premade software package called Vanilla, it’s not custom made.

I got an internal server (500) error earlier, and have done before on occasion, I have no problem accessing the forums with the front page link though.


wait so there r 2 founders
yeah and dan fabulich is on the equal level as jason so they must be together


Hi everybody,

I’m not able to reproduce the problem you’re reporting. When I go to and click on the Forum tab, it takes me to correctly.

Once I can reproduce the problem, I can most likely fix it. Anyone who’s having a problem, please visit and email your “User Agent” information to Be sure to describe exactly how to make the problem happen in that email.



it only happens sometimes to me and sometime when i am commenting it just get a error


It happens on kindle fire sometimes after you comment it kicks you off then wont allow you back on


But only rarely


just got a page not found right now this is my 4rth time in the 2 days


Heather Albano is not a partner. Just Adam, Dan and myself.


so there is no main lead?


Well when i press the button that says forum it gets me to this site
Its yust so confusing :((


@jasonstevanhill My bad, I saw her name on the blog authors and made an (incorrect) assumption.