Can't code for the life of me, anyone willing to collab?

Whelp, to make it as simple as I can, I’ve been trying to make a game of this one story idea I had, but it seems coding is not clicking with me. I know a thread like this probably pops up once a week, but I’m really eager to show people said WiP. It’s just that I can’t convey it in ChoiceScript.

So is anyone available to help me on this? I would probably need help with the ever so infamous writing blocks, but majority of the writing would be done in a decent time span by me (so no need to worry about that?)

If any info on the attempted game is needed, a link to the thread is below:

If I’m breaking the rules, I apologize greatly mods and you can take it down in a flash.

It’s for a writer asking for a coder, so i think you’re in the clear (considering you’re both writing and coding) though I once asked for someone to help me with a few questions on choicescript and it got flagged down (-_-).

Try asking various authors for some help, you could ask some people with wips (jeantown is a fast and good coder)

Most of us are in the same boat, we’re not coders, we’ve no previous experience and choicescript is the first coding we’ve tried. Fortunately, choicescript is designed specifically for that purpose. It’s supposed to be easy for writers to pick up. There is an initial difficulty bump but once you get used to it it does become a lot easier.

It’s against the forum rules to ask for a coder. I know some forum members have tried to circumvent those rules by asking for collaborators instead, when really what they want is a coder. :frowning:

If you want help learning to code then we’re happy to do that. If you’ve any questions please ask. If you want us to show you how to code a specific section, I’m sure any number of forum members will be willing to show you, in a way that’ll also teach you how to do it for yourself. If you just explain what aspects you’re having difficulties with, we’re here to help.

But no asking for coders.

Coding is easier than you think. If you’d like, I can give you pointers… Just pm me

Coding is hard work, but I think anybody can do it. You can try to PM people or email them. I emailed my partner @Aera and she agreed to code everything for me. Just ask them politely and someone will eventually help you with coding. :wink: