Cannot buy Guns of Infinity on Steam

The link to that page from CoG’s website leads merely to the generic steam store page.

Also just to add it is not list under Choice of Games…

This might be due to the fact that steam has yet to update and add GoI to their site.

I believe it is under hosted games. Just because @Cataphrak is a CoG writer and author does not mean every game he creates is sponsored (is that the right word?) by the company. I believe. I’m not quite sure how that whole thing works.

Not under the hosted label either :wink:

CoG games have to be inclusive, by the nature of the Guns of X series locked protagonist it is not. So it is a hosted game

it is on iOS. I know because I’ve already put it on my wishlist. And Google store cause others have bought it there.

We are talking on Steam, Yes it is list on chrome, droid, and IoS but not on the Steam platform

Ok well I’ll say again I’m not sure but I know I heard people say that the chrome store takes a while to update their games and I’m thinking steam may do the same.

The game isn’t up on steam yet:

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