Can we get an option to turn off certain forum keyboard shortcuts?

It’s happened multiple times that I lose a post I’ve been typing because my cursor ends up outside the main typing window, and I hit some combination of keys that results in the forum thinking that I’m trying to start a new topic or… something; it varies, and it happens too fast for me to be sure what shortcuts I’m inadvertently accessing at the time. This can result in overwriting whatever draft I was actually in the middle of.
While I use ctrl-enter and sometimes use q for quoting, I have no need of most of these shortcuts, but I’ve found no option anywhere to do any kind of customization. Is there any way we could have the ability to turn shortcuts off or something like that? They are far too error-prone, and the drafts are not robust enough.

Alternatively, If there is a way to do so already that I have not found, please let me know. Thanks :slight_smile: