Can no longer play COGs on my Kindle Fire


Firstly I’m really confused as to what category this would go in, there’s not really a ‘Help me this COG won’t work’ one.

Basically, I’m not sure when it started, but for some reason I’m having problems playing COGs on my Kindle Fire 10 (7th gen).

Yesterday I tried starting a new one, this is how it went;

I got the first text box to type in my characters name, it typed in fine: Havoc.

Then on the next page I was asked to type in another name. I touch the text box so I can type in it, and the word suggestion (I think it’s called auto fill?) thing popped up, telling me I can put in Havoc again if I touch it. I ignore that and try to type in a new name, but nothing will type. The keyboard keys work fine when I touch it, I can capitalize and shift and change to numbers, it just won’t let me type in anything new as long as that auto suggestion is on the screen. I’ve only been able to recreate this in COG games. I’ve tried 15 different ones, (both Hosted and COG brand) same thing, can’t type on the second text box.

An odd thing I noticed; Usually no matter where I’m typing on my Kindle, the keyboard is set for the first letter I type to be capitalized. In this situation I noticed that on the second text box, it auto puts it to lowercase.

Things I’ve Tried:

Typing works fine on every other part of the device I’ve tried, Silk, the Search bar, the shopping apps.

I did a soft reset, where you hold the power button down until it turns off without you confirming. Didn’t fix it.

I went into the keyboard settings and turned off all the the auto complete and suggestions options, everything having to do with my device helping me finish words, didn’t change a thing, the auto fill still pops up and keeps me from typing. I think it’s a popup in the actual App, not my device?

I downloaded another keyboard and tried that, still nothing.

I did a factory reset, re-downloaded my apps (I did not restore a backup because I’ve always had trouble with that). Still the same problem.

I now have over 40 COG games that are unusable, and the only place they can be played are my Kindle because that’s where I bought em. I’m at a loss and ripping my hair out.


Hi @AgentVerona,

The best place for support is the support email address: