Can I still get my game published if someone is ready making a game about the same timeframe?


I have begun writing a new gamebook. So far I have just around 10k words. But now I saw that someone in the WIP section is already making a game about the same timeframe, but with different story. Can I still get my game publisbed if I release it, say week after that game?


That one thing alone wouldn’t decide whether or not you can get your game published. It depends on tons of different factors.


Choice of games says that they will publish any game. Just found out. Is that true, even in this case?


So long as the game is not plagiarism some else’s intellectual property rights (e.g Harry Potter), they prefer it’s been demoed/beta tested on forums, and can pass both quick test and random test yes (meaning no game stoping errors).

In short yes.


How does this demoing work? For example, i have the beggining of the story ready, I simply have to post it here? How do I know someone does not steal the thing?

And just for the last time for clarification, when I finish the game and send it to choice of games. Do I get revenue from ads and the game price?(if it costs anything)

Thanks for all the answers!


This link should explain how to make a demo.

This is the Choicescript wiki page for making a demo and publishing your game as well.

This one has a rough calculation for published Hosted Games royalties.

If you are concerned about people potential stealing your game, then you could simply keep it closed off by only giving away the demo link to people you trust.

And this thread has some info about US copy right law.


Thank you! Thats all i needed to know