Can I make choicescript determine the highest stat out of many?

say I need the PC to make a small comment as a reply to someone. Nothing significant enough to warrant a choice, but something that is determined by their personality.
The PC has 3 different personality stats (I.e.: serious, playful, calm), how do I make it so that the game determines which stat is the highest at that moment and then picks the appropriate comment? Is this even possible?

*if ((serious > playful) and (serious > calm))

*if ((serious > playful) and (serious > calm))
  blah blah serious
*elseif (playful > calm)
  blah blah playful
*elseif (calm > playful)
  blah blah calm
  blah blah all of them

there’s other ways to do it, but the general gist is to use if statements to force the program to figure out which stats to use.


Had to adjust it a little but it’s exactly what I needed, thank you!

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