Can I make a comic for Diabolical?


I just bought Diabolical , (absolutely loved it) and I started a webcomic recently . I don’t have too much experience so I started playing around drawing out some of the scenes from Diabolical and was just curious if I could just simply draw out a comic of my play through. I don’t want to charge , I guess this is just some hardcore fan art. I don’t know where to get in touch with the author to hear his opinion.



I’d think you should be okay making a fan comic as long as you provide requisite links to the game and mention the author. I think most authors are flattered by people drawing artwork of their stories, as long as you’re not making profit, or taking credit for it.

I couldn’t find an email. His twitter’s at or you could email choice of games and ask them.


Thank you , I tried looking him up and a personal sue chef came up.Ha thank you for the link