Can I Draw For You?


Can I draw something for anyone? I have been in this urge to create but no real ideas are taking place. If anyone’s interested I have samples to some of my artwork. These are all digital if anyone is interested in my traditional work let me

Here’s a few samples more are coming



I’d like to take a look at your art but the link requires me to create a tumblr account.
Can you show us your art a different way? Thanks!


I didn’t think about that :tired_face:I’m sorry I will once I get home. Thank you :smile:




You’re off to a good start but you need to practice.

Some advice is to avoid focusing on any ONE set of features. Try to draw as many different things as possible head to toe background included if you focus on just the head you’ll struggle later on with other features.

Goodluck with your art


Thank you :slight_smile: I actually have other examples than just headshots. I’m working on a comic to improve my craft


I’m looking for someone to do some illustrations for my WIP, not for reimbursement. Let me know if you’re interested and I can give you an early link so that you can read and create some concept art. As I said, I’m going to find someone I don’t have to pay, but it could be a break or a resume item if you’re interested.