Can anyone help with an error on DashingDon?

One of the players testing my WIP has found this error on DashingDon. It refers to a fairmath error, though the line in question only has a correct (asaik) reference, used many times before.

I cannot recreate the error. Any advice?

Please find the error below.

Could you provide the code for that line?

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Hi Dvalor,

It was;
*set presence %+10

I have changed in to (added a space);

*set presence %+ 10

I will download the updated scenes and see if it nips it in the bud. How does it look to you?

The vernacular of the second one looks right.


You can’t percent add if the value is above 100 or would go above 100, it breaks.

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Both ways have worked so far… until now.

I think, without the space, the code is read to take a percentile value over 100, with the space it doesn’t.

Although I’m just guessing.

I think it might fix my problem though, so many thanks.

Hi Abhorash,

Using the choicescript fair math system, it shouldn’t go above 100 regardless of the coded value.

I think the problem was how I formulated it. Instead of %+ 10, I didn’t place the space and had %+10. This made all the difference in breaking the 100 limit, as far as I am aware.

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Yeah but if you mix fairmath and non-fairmath and it ends up above 100 or below 0 it can break or as is more likely since you probably aren’t doing that if someone playing your wip uses devtools in the browser to change a stats value (so that it is above 100 or below 0) it can break. But also yeah %+ 10 is how it’s supposed to be written so that might’ve been causing the issue in this case.

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Hi again,
The error continues. It is in exactly the same place as before, though the line is different because I added an event previously.

The code used is quoted beneath the image. The line in question is the ‘presence’ line.

Would it help to add a conditional like:
*if (presence >=100)
*set presence 99

Any advice, please?

Captura de tela 2023-07-15 114839

*set Human_Opinion %+ 5
*set presence %+ 10
*set metemperor true
*goto_scene orckingthrone emperor

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No worries. I have solved it. @Abhorash was right.

Back in the previous scene I had *set presence +10 and not *set presence %+ 10

Will bang my head against a wall for a while now.


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