Can anyone find the problem with the *if function that I wrote wrong

You do realize that she speaks a lot like the people in the 21st century.Well,of course.Even you do.Because of the war ,humanity’s progress stagnanted and everything went still,with the government only concerning these four --weaponry,medical,transportation and ecology.
This planet is one of the farthest corner that humanity has laid hands upon.And they don’t look like humans one bit except for their humanoid form.
Your phone suddenly rings and it speaks,"according to wikipedia ,they are a mythical species called fairies.But because of their behavior,they do not fit in the category of fairies but are estimated to be elves.
*if not(Edg=decisionw)
You find that you are pinned on the bed ,unable to move.

Are you sure it is decisionw and not “decisionw”?

I think this is indeed the problem. Try changing it from:

*if (Edg=decisionw)


*if (Edg = “decisionw”)

At least, that’s the way I do it. May be worth the try :wink:

What is the error it gives you? Is it with the command itself or with the following lines?

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you have to indent the *if(edg=decisionw) and then the text afterwards.
same with the * if not.

I believe the *if line doesn’t get indented; the text below it does, however.

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